Are you struggling to find the best tampons for beginners in India? No more to contend with, I have listed here 5 best tampons from top brands in India which are worthy and excellent in terms of performance.

Of course, when it comes to tampons, a lot of confusion arises in the mind, especially among the women of India who have never used it before.

A tampon is a menstrual care product used by the female during the menstrual cycle to manage their period flow. It is completely different from other female hygiene products such as menstrual cups, because it is small in size and looks like a sponge that needs to be inserted inside the private part to do its job perfectly.

The tampon does not allow the discharged liquid to flow out of the private part because it absorbs the discharged fluid in itself and keeps women dry and fresh like a normal day.

You may be surprised that the FDA classifies tampons as a medical device. This means that the manufacturer of tampons must pass the FDA-defined guidelines.

Tampons should be considered as a medical device and not as a stylistic famine product.

The manufacturer of a good tampon brand presents all the facts of the tampon as to what components have been used to prepare it before bringing it to market.

For the first-time user, deciding the best tampon is both challenging and difficult. I do not want you to leave all your work and waste your precious time just on finding the best tampon in India.

In addition to the best tampon recommendation, I have tried to cover all questions related to tampons on this article.

On your part, I did extensive research to prepare this article for you. Not only do you get to know the best tampons for beginners in India, but you will also get to know the amazing facts of a tampon which has never been discussed. So, keep reading.


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5 Best Tampons For Beginners India 2020
What is a Tampon
Types of Tampon
Why Tampon? (Advantage of Tampon)
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top 5 best tampons for beginners in India prepared by robustness guide

5 best tampons for beginners India 2020

1: Tampax Pearl Lite Absorbency Tampons
2: O.B PRO COMFORT Regular Tampon
3: Playtex Gentle Glide Ultra Tampons
4: U by Kotex Security Tampons, Regular Absorbency
5: Sirona Organic Cotton Tampon for regular flow

searching best tampons for beginners in india

1: Tampax Pearl Lite Absorbency Tampons

For Light Flow (beginner)
No Fragrance
No Chlorine bleaching and Dyes
Leak Guard Braid
The anti-Slip grip of the applicator
Rounded Tip Smooth Plastic Applicator
Smooth Removal Layer
FormFit design
Clinically tested
Made in USA
NOS 18/36/50 (available in three packs)
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Tampax Pearl Lite Absorbency Tampons for light flow

Tampax is an American brand and the oldest tampon manufacturer in the world with a record presence of over 50 top countries. They also supply their tampon products in India. This model of Tampax tampons gives you everything you expect.

Tampax Pearl Light Absorption Tampons have been designed specifically for the first time user. Tampax prepares tampons given the health value. They have not used any harmful or harsh chemicals such as bleaching, dyes and perfumes with this model of tampons.

It is powered by the LeakGuard technology that prevents any possible leakage through the stem.

The applicator is enabled with an anti-grip and round tip which makes the insertion process easier. The tampon is easy to take out because it has a smooth outer removal layer.

2: O.B PRO COMFORT Regular Tampon

Perfect for beginner ( Can absorbed up to 9gm of fluids)
Digital Tampon
Fluid lock technology
Curved grooves technology
SilkTouch cover
Expand as per your size
Less wastage
Made in the USA
NOS 18/40(available in 2 packs of 18 and 40 counts)
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best tampon foe beginner in india O.B PRO COMFORT Regular Tampon

OB was the first non-applicator tampon developed by a gynecologist in Germany in 1950.The idea behind OB tampons was that the tampons be inserted without using cardboard.

The O.B PRO COMFORT regular tampon is specifically designed for beginners or someone who has a mild to medium period flow. This model of tampons is made of rayon and polyester. It has a fluid lock technology that can hold menstrual fluids anywhere between 6-9 grams for a long time without leakage.

OB tampon is 100% organic which means no dye, color, chemical and chlorine has been used in it.

The SilkTouch cover simplifies the insertion process. It is available in two count sizes 18 and 40 in India.

3: Playtex Simply Gentle Glide Tampons

Best for normal flow
Purified Fibers
Free from BPA, Color, and Dyes
360 Protection
Powerful barrier against leakage
Comfort shape with a plastic applicator
Perfect for beginner
NOS 20/40
Check details

 best tampons for beginners in India Playtex Simply Gentle Glide Tampons

Playtex was the first tampon brand to invent tampons in 1973 with a plastic applicator.

If you are looking for an alternative to a cardboard applicator or digital tampon, then a Playtex tampon with a plastic applicator may work for you.

Playtex tampon provides 360 degree leak protection by shaping your body. It is constructed from pure fiber.

Comfort shape gliding plastic applicator is free of hazard chemicals

4: U by Kotex Security Tampons, Regular Absorbency

Ideal for normal MC fluid management flow
Purified Fibers
Free from BPA, Color, and Dyes
360 Protection
Powerful barrier against leakage
Comfort shape with a plastic applicator
Perfect for beginner
NOS 20/40
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U by Kotex Security Tampons, Regular Absorbency

India is a hot market for the world’s leading female hygiene product brands. Major high-end brands are expanding their business in India. UBK is Australia’s leading female hygiene products brand which has recently brought its tampons to the Indian market.

Kotex tampons come in various absorbent capacities from light to heavy. The Click Tampon by UBK ( U by Kotex) for the first time user is amazing in terms of comfort and leakage protection.

Relatively smaller in size but powerful protection against leakage in every direction. The applicator has a smooth tip that makes quick and smooth insertion.

The manufacturer has given extra attention to the health aspect while preparing it, they have not added any scent, color, bleach to this tampon.

5:  Sirona Organic Cotton Tampon for regular flow

100% organic
Dermatologically Certified
Made of highly absorbent pure cotton
India first digital tampon
Twist-turn opening
Neutralize odor
Prevent stain and rash
Long-lasting protection for up to 8 hours
NOS 18
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Sirona Organic Cotton Tampon for regular flow Indian tampon brand

If you give more preference and importance to the Indian brand tampons, which excel in performance, then there is good news for you

Sirona hygiene pvt ltd or Sirona India is an Indian company of women’s hygiene products, they have also been awarded for high-grade production of tampons, panty liners and pads etc.

Sirona Organic Cotton Tampon is the best choice for females who have mild period flow or who want to use a tampon for the first time.

It is a non-applicator tampon and is available in 18 count sizes. Sirona Tampon  is prepared by pure cotton which is highly absorbent in nature.

The outer cover of the tampon is smooth which is easy to insert.

What is a tampon?

collection of digital tampon

The tampon is used to absorb menstruation flow but is worn inside the vagina. It is made of cotton or rayon or both of two (Synthetic fiber), has a cylindrical shape with a string attached at the last to remove.

A common hygiene product such as sanitary pads or pant liners is used with underwear. It is much smaller in size than of a pad. Tampons are preferred more by the young girl because it absorbs menstrual discharge before touching your underwear and body.

Another big advantage of using tampons is freedom, which means that you can do all your work by wearing tampons during your menstruation, even swimming. It will be difficult for colleagues to know that your menstruation cycle is on.

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Types of tampon (digital tampons and applicator tampons)

digital tampon and applicator tampon altogether

To date, two types of tampons are available in the market, depending on how the tampon is inserted: digital tampon and applicator tampon.

1: Digital tampons:- O.B was the first digital tampons to be invented in 1945 by a German gynecologist. It has no applicator, to insert it inside your body you have to use your finger only. (* It is eco-friendly as there is little to waste)

2: Applicator tampon:-

2A: Cardboard applicator Tampon:- The first tampon to be invented was cardboard applicator tampon in 1931 by a physician. And the very first commercial tampon brand was Tampax which was a cardboard applicator tampon. The cardboard applicator is rigid in nature and does not glide like plastic.

2B: Plastic applicator Tampon:- A company called Playtex has launched the first plastic applicator tampon in the 70s. As the name suggests it is made of plastic. The plastic applicator is the first choice of most women. It is easy to glide without pain.

Why tampon ? Advantage of using a tampon

But a fundamental question is why a female should choose tampons when they have panty liner and sanitary pad options already. Let me make one thing clear, I am not asking to use tampons at all, but I am trying to share information about a tampon. The choice is yours whether to use it or not.

Sanitary pads are large in size and heavy in weight. There are some limitations of sanitary pads like you cannot urinate with it and you cannot swim with it. No one can guess that you have used tampons in your body, It is so comfortable.

A girl living in a joint family always faces problems managing her menstrual flow. A tampon is so small that you can take it to the toilet as many times as you want, no one can guess it. These are some of the basic reasons why women like it.

Buyer Guide

Size:- If you are using it for the first time, make sure the tampon with the lowest absorbency is chosen as it is easy for you to insert. The tampon is designed at an absorbent rating which means how many grams of menstrual blood are to be absorbed by a tampon.

The tampon absorbent rating is generally referred to as the size of the tampon. Tampons are available in four sizes in the market, light (mini), regular, super, and super plus. For example, a light tampon will absorb 6 grams or less of period blood.

Digital Tampon/ Applicator Tampon:-

Non-applicator or Digital Tampon:- You have to use your finger to push the tampon inside the body

Applicator Tampon:- The applicator is used to insert tampons into your body. Whatever you like is up to you

Risk Associated to tampons

In general, a tampon does not cause you any disease, but your careless nature can get you into a lot of trouble. There are bacteria throughout your body, including your skin and vagina. Bacteria make toxins from blood-soaked tampons that can cause you (rare, but possible) to have a deadly disease called toxic shock syndrome (TSS). Risk of TSS increases if you leave a tampon longer time.

To avoid this risk,

  • change the tampon every 4-6 hours.
  • Do not sleep with a tampon
  • Use tampons only when you have periods
  • User Lower absorbency tampon
  • If you have any unusual symptoms, try consulting a doctor immediately.
  • Take breaks between regular use of tampons

Takeaway:- Never leave the tampon inside your body longer than prescribed.


what tampon used for?

Like sanitary pads and panty liners, a tampon is used by a woman to prevent vaginal leakage during menstruation. A tampon is an advanced female hygiene product. The main difference between a tampon and other hygiene products is that it is inserted into the body to absorb menstrual flow.

What is a tampon made of?

In general, a tampon is made of cotton or rayon or a combination of the two and shape is cylindrical. But some company is using fragrance, dye, color, odor neutralizer in tampons which is a matter of concern and you should not take any such tampon at all. your vaginal wall is so permeable that all these substances can enter your bloodstream easily.

Takeaway:- dioxin, pellets of carboxymethyl cellulose, etc containing tampon must not be considered in any case.

What is a tampon applicator?

This type of tampon is actually made up of two parts – the tampon itself that you insert into your body, and the other part the applicator you use to insert it. An applicator has two tubes one inner (Known as a plunger, it has to push inside the barrel) and one outer tube (known as barrel which has tampon inside). Before insertion, the applicator inner tube is partially engaged with the outer tube.

The inner tube is pushed slowly inside the outer tube so that the tampon can be placed at its precise location. Tampon applicator is made of plastic or cardboard.


  • Applicator must be used once only.
  • For the first time users consider plastic applicator tampon*
  • Go with cardboard applicator if you hate wastage*
  • Use digital applicator after having experience*

Can I lose my virginity by inserting a tampon?

Tampon for beginer


One of the most commonly asked questions is the relationship between virginity and a tampon. Virginity is still associated with a girl’s sacred morals in our society. A common concept is that the breakdown of the hymen means the girl’s loss of virginity.

The hymen is a very thin membrane of tissue located at the entrance of the vagina. But, it is so thin that your membrane breaks when you cycle, swim, run, but it would be wrong to say that only the use of a tampon breaks the membrane.

Is the use of tampons not allowed in major religions like Islam, Christianity, and Hinduism?

Even today, orthodox religious leaders believe that touching the reproductive system while putting tampons gives sexual pleasure, which they believe is wrong. The religious leader is so conservative that they do not realize the pain of the woman during menstruation. Instead of promoting hygiene products like tampons, they promote banning it. Is this justified I leave on you to make a decision?

Can a tampon fall out?

In general, a tampon does not fall out if it is placed correctly where it should be. Once a tampon puts in your body properly, it does not fall out unless you forcefully pull it out. Your vagina muscle is strong and enabled with natural gripping power.

Takeaway:- A tampon should be placed far enough inside your vaginal tube.

Can you pee with a tampon in?

best tampons for beginners India


This is another most common question when deciding to shift your menstrual management product to a tampon. It is because if a woman has to take out a tampon every time she goes to the toilet, it is really no use to use a tampon. Tampons mean comfort and freedom.

See, there are two holes down, one hole (urethra opening) you use to urinate and the other hole in the vaginal opening. Since tampons are inserted into the vagina, the process of urination is not affected at all. You can pee (urinate) as often as you want with a tampon in. Since the string is outside the body, you can hold it with one hand while urinating, so that the string doesn’t get wet. (Recommendation)

How to insert tampons for the first time

how to insert a tampon for beginner

1: Insert tampon without applicator

The process of insertion a tampon for the first time is just like riding a bicycle for the first time. Not to panic, thousands of female insert tampon daily and also remove it. Just follow the guide

Step A:- Wash your hands properly, make sure you are not transferring germs to your body through the process.

Step B:- The more you feel relaxed, the more it is good for you. Take a deep breath and rest for a while

Step C:- Since you are using it for the first time, you must have bought a regular tampon or slim tampon designed to absorb normal flow or light flow.)

Step D:- If you are using a tampon without an applicator, follow the picture. If possible, locate the vaginal opening using a mirror.

Step E:- Depending on the level of comfort, you can place your one leg on the closed toilet or you can sit on the toilet. Take out the tampon from the seal pack, hold it between your thumb and index finger on the side of the string.

Step F:- Push the tampon with your index finger, making sure the string of tampons hangs outside of your body. Slide your finger out slowly. Your work is done.

2: Insert tampon with applicator

Through an applicator, it becomes easier to insert a tampon into the body. If you are using for the first time be sure to purchase a tampon with an applicator. The choice is yours.

Step:-1 Before starting the process, wash your hands thoroughly and make sure you have time, you are not in a hurry.

Step:-2 Just calm down! The more you relax, the easier the insertion process will be.

Step:-3 Whatever sit or stand in a comfortable position, The approach should undergo the process in a simple way

Step:-4 Make sure the string is attached tightly, sometimes the product you received is damaged.

Step:-5 Hold the applicator indicator point between your thumb and index finger and insert it into your vagina at 45 degrees. Let it in slowly until your finger touches the body.

Step:-6 Push the plunger inside the barrel to release the tampon with the finger. The tampon is now inside the body with the string on the outside.

Step:-7 Gently pull out the applicator. You are done!

If you do not feel anything inside your body then it means that tampon is inserted correctly.

Summary: Tampon is an advanced period care product for females. If you are using it for the first time, it is recommended to select the tampon with the least absorbent.

Once you are familiar with its function, you can use medium absorbent tampons. The above list of best tampons for beginners in India is combination of applicator and digital tampon. I focused more on quality, performance and reviews of consumers while filtering out the products.

Knowledge Point:- O.B was the first brand of tampon which invented digital tampon. Tampex was the oldest tampon manufacture brand. Playtex used plastic applicator for the first time in 1973. Sirona is an India brand of tampon.