Period panties are best known as leak-proof underwear used by the female during monthly discharge. It has several layers that act to prevent leakages. Panty underwear is comfortable like a normal underwear but works differently.  Not all periods are equal in  performance, so I picked the best period panties in India from top brands.

One must know the basic facts related to this on-demand product before purchasing for oneself or another. Good news for you, you are at the right place. We will serve every piece of information that you did not get when you search elsewhere along with the list of best period panties.

In the 21st century, women are privileged to use multiple hygiene products to manage period fluid discharge, which was a dream for our ancestors. With the array of options on the market to choose from, female are completely free to use what they like.

Each female hygiene product is meant to make the female period cycle more comfortable and more enjoyable, but using any product for the same purpose is not as beneficial as using period panties.

Women are more aware of their health today than they were 10 years ago. Considering the amount of benefits of using period underwear, women attracted to it. I have researched and reviewed menstrual panties from the top brands available in India and have been able to filter out some of the best period panties in India.

Human body that surprises us how it functions has been a matter of discussion for a generation. If talk about a female her body designed in a way that she can produce children. To give birth, a woman has to face many challenges right from the beginning of 10 years of her age. This age is only an assumption, our medical science has done very well in the field of health, but is not really able to tell what the definite age of girls is when they come to puberty.

Puberty brings tremendous changes in the female body. The onset of fluid secretion is a significant change for a girl. This is a natural process that cannot be stopped.

Girls who experience the flow of menstruation for the first time in a developing country like India, feel anxious, embarrassed and uneasy as to what is it and why is it happening?

Teenage girls are not educated about this natural process by their parents. Thus, in ignorance they use the unhealthiest product to manage their vaginal fluid flow. Surprisingly, some parents support it which is not a good sign for a healthy society.

Let us educate our daughter about the menstruation cycle and give her most hygienic and safest product like period proof underwear for her and women in our family to manage the period. Okay, let’s have a look at the best period panties in India without any further discussion first.

top 5 best period panties in india


Top 5 best Period Panties in India

#: 1 EnaBela Rib Cotton Period Panties
#: 2 Thinks Hiphugger leak proof Period Underwear
#: 3 Healtfab GoPadFree  Period Women Panty
#: 4 SochUnderWear
#: 5 Adira Hipster Period Panty

#1: EnaBela Rib Cotton Period Panties – Full Specification

    • No need to use other product
    • Good for someone who has low to moderate flow
    • 10 ml of fluid absorbing capacity
    • Can be worn for up to 8 hours during period and pre-period days
    • Provide 4 layer of protection
    • Enjoy Stain & Rash free period


#2: Thinks Hiphugger Period Underwear- Full Specification

    • No extra wearing required like tampon or pads
    • Holds up to 2 tampons fluids worth
    • Power Full leak protection
    • Made up with wick moisture fabric technology
    • Eliminate smell
    • Washable & Reusable
    • 60 days return assured


#3:  Healtfab GoPadFree Period Women Panty- Full Specification

    • No extra hygiene product needed
    • Can absorb worth of 5 sanitary pads
    • Leak Proof underwear
    • Neutralize odor
    • Anti bacterial & Anti rash
    • Soft & Comfortable


#4: Soch Menstrual Underwear – Full Specification

    • Powerful leak protection
    • Lasting for up to 60-70 wash
    • Continuous use of 4-6 hours
    • Winged attached
    • Made of 95% cotton


#5: Adira Hipster Period Panty- Full Specification

    • Should be used with pad, ideal for moderate discharge
    • 100% Leak proof underwear (3 layer provided one for absorbent, other for leak proof and the last layer is cotton made
    • Keeps stain away
    • Extra comfort
    • Colors freedom

Read also,

What is Period Panties?

what is period panties

The period panty is female underwear that has the properties of providing leakage protection and absorbing any amount of vaginal discharge.

The manufacture company of period panties claims to have designed it solely for period management. Their claim seems correct given its structure and performance. It looks like a regular panty, but differs in function. It is washable which means you can use it as long as you think it is working.

Period panty is good for someone who is fed up with tampon, menstrual cup and pad. Period panty is super absorbent underwear which has multiple layers to provide against leak protection and keep you dry larger extent.

If you talk about the availability of best period panties in India which are best in performance and worth the money you can refer to my recommendation.

Some of the characteristic of period underwear

  • Super Absorbent
  • Leak Protection
  • Looks and feel like a normal undergarment
  • Not bulky
  • Not insertion required
  • Washable
  • Reusable
  • Safe and secured

Summary: I have given a description of each of the mentioned period panties as it is. Neither the Robustness Guide nor I as a author of this post has added any additional information on own. The list of best period panties in India has been prepared after extensive research.