Menstruation is a natural occurrence in women in which blood and other material from the lining of the uterus through the vagina come out. There are many hygiene products in the market that are specifically designed for women that absorb vaginal discharge. When it comes to results and safety, sanitary napkins are the best absorbent. But surprisingly, in a developing country like India, sanitary napkins are very secretive hygiene products, so women find it difficult to choose the best sanitary napkin for themselves. Realizing its importance and seriousness, I have compiled a list of the best sanitary pads India.

Pads are female hygiene products known by many names like sanitary napkins, sanitary towels, sanitary pads and menstrual pads. Sanitary pads are used by women with undergarments to absorb menstrual flow so that their clothes do not get wet and there is no blood stain on the cloth. The sanitary pad not only prevents vaginal discharge from coming out of the undergarment, but also protects you from infection and some fatal disease.

Lets drive into top 5 best sanitary pads in India (sanitary napkin)


best sanitary pads india

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Top 5 best sanitary pads India, Lady you must have in 2020

#1.Whisper Ultra Clean Sanitary Pads for Women, XL 15 Napkins
#2.Stayfree Secure XL Ultra Thin Sanitary napkins (40 Count)
#3. Sofy Antibacteria Extra Long Pads
#4. Dynamnic New Mom Maternity Pads
#5. Admiria Perfumed Sanitary Pad / Napkins

#1: Whisper Ultra Clean Sanitary Pads for Women

  • Comes in two different Size Xl (284 mm) and XXL (317mm)
  • Soothing fragrance
  • Ultra Softer
  • Gel cover
  • Dermatologists approved
  • Nearly 40% longer and wider back
  • Gel cover
  • 15 Napkins
  • MRP-143
  • 4.4/5

#2. Stayfree Secure XL Ultra Thin Sanitary napkins (40 Count)

  • Length 280 mm
  • Ultra thin
  • 100% fluid lock
  • Gel lock technology
  • Dry Cover
  • Odor Control
  • Individual Packed pad with disposable packet
  • 40 Napkins
  • MRP-199
  • 4.2/5

#3. Sofy Antibacteria Extra Long Pads

  • Napkin has green anti bacterial sheet
  • has absorbent sheet
  • No worry for bad smell
  • Perfume tree fragrance
  • Gentle on Skin
  • Comfortable to wear
  • 30 Count
  • MRP-250
  • 4.4/5

#4. Dynamnic New Mom Maternity Pads

  • Length 450 mm
  • Maxipad (ideal for heavy flow upto 850ml )
  • Effective during heavy bleeding
  • Has super soft adsorbent cotton on its top
  • Doesn’t cause rashes
  • Last longer
  • Maxi (20/Pack)
  • MRP-688
  • 4.4/5


#5. Admiria Perfumed Sanitary Pad / Napkins

  • 280 mm long
  • Dual Cover
  • Advance gel technology
  • Delicate wings
  • Good fragrance
  • Wide back
  • Pack of 40
  • MRP-200
  • 3,7/5

Sanitary Pads Vs Tampon

Sanitary Pads


  • Wear with underwear
  • No risk of TTS
  • No insertion required
  • Wear overnight
  • Need to insert in the vagina
  • You don’t feel wet
  • Can irritate your vagina
  • Risk of Toxic Shock Syndrome

What is menstruation?

Menstruation is the natural, normal biological process of releasing blood and related material from the uterus through the vagina experienced by all adolescent girl (10-19 years old girl) and women.

What is the menarche?

The first event of menstruation is called menarche. This is the time when mothers should start using sanitary napkins to her daughter.

Shocking facts about Indian female

30% of Indian population is menstruating women, 400 millions in number (40 carore approax). But the shocking truth is that 70% of menstruating women consider menstruation as dirty in India.  The data was prepared by UNICEF. It further states that only 12% of women and girls have access to sanitary pads, While most of them rely on unhygienic methods during menstruation.

Most women and girls in rural areas depend on natural absorption during menstruation such as mud, cow dung, leaves, news paper and plastic etc. Which not only has a high risk of contamination, but also adversely affects health. These menstrual absorbents are considered unhealthy and uncomfortable.

In some areas of urban and rural, Some women and girls use strips of saari, towel, bed sheet, and other types of cloth as menstruation absorbent.  These are also old ways that must be discarded.