With the plethora of product options on the Indian market, those planning to use menstrual cups for the first time get confused as to which menstrual cup is best to start with.

To ease your stress I have listed the best menstrual cups in India for beginners. Everything from price, customer reviews, features and performance you will get to know on this single post.

A menstrual cup, also known as a menstruation cup, is an advanced and most hygienic product that women use to collect vaginal discharge during the menstrual cycle. Like a tampon, a menstrual cup is placed inside the private part. It has no size parameter, but reputed brands manufacture their menstrual cups anywhere between 35–43 mm.

Particularly in countries like India, menstrual flow is often associated with stigma and curse, etc. A girl has to go through mental breakdown during menstrual bleeding.

She uses a strip of saree (Saree- a traditional cloth used by mostly women in India) and uses a towel to manage it. Poor hygiene menstrual management often causes a major problem in her life, but she hides from people and bears all the pain.

Being civilized Indian , it is our prime responsibility to encourage Indian women to use the most advanced hygiene products such as menstrual cups, sanitary pads, panti liners etc so that they can manage their monthly cycle (MC) properly.

Ok, Lets jump straight to the main topic of discussion today that is the best menstrual cups in India for beginners.

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Top 3 Best Menstrual Cups in India for Beginners
What is a menstrual Cup?
Are Indian women ready to use menstrual cups?
How does a menstrual cup work?
Advantage of menstrual cup
The disadvantage of menstrual Cup
How to insert a menstrual cup ( beginner guide)
Top 5 Menstrual Cup Brands in World

Top 3 Best Menstrual Cups in India for Beginners

Best Menstrual Cups in India for Beginners

  1. DivaCup Model 1 Menstrual Cup
  2. Lunette Menstrual Cup Blue Model
  3. Ruby Life Menstrual Cup Small



1: DivaCup Model-1 Menstrual Cup

For beginners or light flow
  • Reusable ( Not to worry to change after every use)
  • Wear up to 12 hours ( Longer than you expect)
  • Ideal for – 19-34 old female
  • Made from grade silicon
  • Free from plastic, dyes, and color (No sensitive)
  • Extra soft rim ( Don’t hurt your part)
  • Leakage resistant ( Feel hygienic all time )
  • Diameter 42mm
  • Length 66 mm (including stem)
  • Blood holding capacity 30 ml
Price in India- 2900* INR starting price for 1 piece

The Diva Cup is an American brand of menstrual cups. In 2003, the company Diva International Inc introduced the Diva Cup to the world.

DivaCup Model-1 Menstrual Cup is good for those females who have medium discharge of fluids and are aged between 18–30 years.

No chemicals, dyes and harmful elements have been used to manufacture it. Only silicon of medical grade has been used. One can wear it for up to 12 hours.

Invest only once and relax for several months as it is reusable. The beginner can start taking care of their menstrual flow with DivaCup Model-1.

2: Lunette Menstrual Cup Blue Model-1

For first time user or mild flow
  • Reusable Menstrual Cup
  • Wear up to 12 hours
  • Soft
  • Made from grade silicon
  • Free from chemical and BPA
  • Perfect for light to normal discharge
  • Finland made product
  • 41 mm diameter
  • 72 mm length (including 25 mm stem)
  • Fluid holding capacity 25 ml
Price in India- 2950* INR starting price for 1 piece

Finland-based company Lunette has not used any chemicals and BPA to prepare its menstrual cup. They use medical grade silicon to produce it.

Lunette Menstrual Cup Blue Model-1 is easy to carry anywhere as it comes in a small beautiful bag, use it whenever you need it.

You can use it comfortably for 12 hours a day. It lasts for many years. It is easy to clean and maintain.

This Blue Extra Soft Menstrual Cup Model-1 with 41 mm width and 47 mm length can easily hold 25 ml of fluid.

3: Ruby Cup Small

For beginners or light flow
  • 4 months money-back guarantee
  • Wear up to 12 hours
  • Lasting up to 10 years
  • Made from grade silicon
  • Free from plastic
  • 65mm length (19 mm stem including)
  • Diameter 40 mm
  • Collecting capacity 24 ml
  • Color- depend
Price in India- 2100* INR starting price for 1 piece

The company claims to return full money without asking any questions if you do not like the product or problem with the size, which reflects the transparency of the globally recognized brand the Ruby Cup.

Ruby cup small is designed with soft and durable silicone for long term use.
Addition of plastics, BPA and other harmful chemicals has been avoided. It is perfect for those who have light flow.


What is a Menstrual Cup

A menstrual cup is a feminine hygiene product that is used by women during menstruation to collect menstrual fluids.

A menstrual cup that is designed in such a way that it works well to collect menstrual blood when worn inside the vagina. Unlike tampons and pads, it does not absorb menstrual fluid, but rather collects it.

It is made flexible so that your body does not get hurt by using the inside of your body. A menstrual cup is usually made of rubber or silicone(medical grade). It is a cup in funnel shape (like a bell with a stem). You can wear it inside your body for 8-12 hours without any trouble.

In general, the menstrual cup collects 10-38 grams of vaginal discharge. It means a menstrual cup collects three times more MC discharged than a tampon absorbs.

Long-hours of use, reusable features, budget-friendly, and holding of more discharged blood (menstrual discharge) are its main features, making it a superior hygiene product.

We can classify it into two main types based on its size. The first one is smaller and the other one is larger. Generally available in grades 1 and 2. But some company is producing 0(Zero) grade of menstrual cups for 19 years and below. Keep in mind that the 1-grade menstrual cup of the two companies may vary in size.

A menstrual cup is a good option for someone who is looking for an alternative to tampons and pads. The menstrual cup may be a new idea for you (Indian female) to manage the menstrual cycle but it was already introduced in 1937. Start from your home today, choose a product from the list of the best menstrual cups in India for beginners if it suits your budget and requirement.

Are Indian women ready to use menstrual cups?

Indian women are now experimenting with new hygiene products and giving up old unhealthy menstrual absorbent. (Good)

Still, a long way to go, Since the menstrual cycle (MC) is natural, it should be treated that way.

The surprising thing is that MC is considered the dirtiest thing in Indian society. Women have to go through many challenges to manage the menstrual cycle from social to religious and cultural. They do not prepare their girls for this.

They still rely on the oldest and unhygienic method of managing menstrual fluids, such as newspapers, mud, leaves, saris, and towels, etc. (40% Indian women use unhygienic items to manage menstrual flow).

Deliberately or unknowingly they risk their lives, in fact, unhealthy management of menstruation can cause women to have fungal infections, urinary infections, reproductive tract infections, etc. The worst case of poor and unhealthy menstrual management is that women will never give birth to a child.

In the urban area, the use of menstrual cups, tampons, panty liners, and sanitary pads has increased. Metro City females know the importance of healthy menstrual management.

But still, we have to bring more awareness so that every woman and girl can access it.

Takeaway:- If you have a daughter over 12 years old, get her a menstrual cup, and teach her properly. So that she feels very proud to be your daughter and a girl. From the above list of the best menstrual cups in India, you can gift a menstrual cup to your dear relative and make them proud.

How does a menstrual cup work?

The menstruation cup is quite easy to use once you are familiar with it. It is as easy as using a panty liner. ( Best Pantyliners in India)The bell-shaped menstrual cup is sealed against the vaginal wall just below the cervix, menstrual bleeding that accumulates in the cup before coming out of the vagina.

To make it work properly, the cup is placed inside the lower part of the vagina just below the cervix. It uses a slight suction system to create a seal.

The process of collecting vaginal fluids continues while you are driving a car with your friend. And your friend doesn’t know it, isn’t it good?

Advantage of menstrual cup

A menstrual cup is Budget-friendly:-The menstrual cup is reusable. It can last up to 8-10 years. You have to buy it once and rest for 10 years. Isn’t it cool? It is budget-friendly, all can afford it. Its cost is equal to one year’s cost of a tampon or pad.

A menstrual cup is Safer:-Women are afraid of infection that causes a fatal disease like TSS (rare). There is no risk of getting TSS using menstrual cups than tampons. (* TSS is very rare but often associated to a tampon)

A menstrual cups hold more vaginal discharged blood:-Typically menstrual cups are compared with tampons because both these hygiene products are placed inside the body. The large size of tampons can barely absorb 12-15 grams whereas the menstrual cup collects up to 38 grams.

The disadvantage of menstrual Cup

Size problem:- For a beginner, figuring out the exact size of a menstrual cup is the hard part. It is possible that the menstrual cup you bought may not fit properly inside your vagina. It is better for you to replace it with a new size instead of giving useless try.

May not be suitable for all females:-. Your vagina may be allergic to the ingredients used in menstruation cups. You should do an allergy test by yourself before making a menstruation cup a part of your life.

When purchasing a skincare product you may have seen a product wrapper that clearly instructs how to check for the allergic ingredients before final use. You can do it the same way.

Vaginal infection:– Some women often claim that using a menstrual cup causes vaginal infections. Yes, it is possible if you use the menstrual cup without cleaning it properly. So make sure to wash it after and before each time of its use.

How to insert a menstrual cup guide for beginnersHow to insert a menstrual cup

Starting a new task is not always easy. Fear, doubt, and negative questions, etc. always come to mind before any beginning. However, this does not mean that you should step back.

Trust me there is nothing to be afraid of using a menstrual cup for the first time. You can become an experienced user only by using the menstrual cup once or twice. Hold, fold, and Insert that’s it.

Manage sufficient time:- First and foremost, you should have enough time for this process without any interruptions and distractions. It may take longer than you expected when inserting the Menstruation Cup for the first time.

Relax:- Any hasty job can harm you rather than a benefit. When you are relaxed, the muscles inside your body is also relaxed, so it is very easy to do all the process smoothly.

Maintain Hygiene:- Cleanliness should be maintained to a greater extent. First, wash your hands properly. Sterilize your menstrual cup for at least 2-3 minutes on first use. It is good if you do the same before every use.

Fold:– Fold the menstrual cup as instructed in the user instruction catalog. Otherwise, there are three popular ways of folding the menstrual cup (C-fold, 7-Fold and Punch down fold), one of which you can use.

Take Comfortable Position:– Get a comfortable position like you can sit down on a closed toilet, place your one leg up on a closed toilet, or lie down in bed. Just be sure to take the position that works best for you. Use your free hand to open the labia.

Insert & Release:– Gradually insert the folded menstrual cup inside your body horizontally. To create a seal, grip the base of the cup and rotate the cup once.
To check if the seal has been created, pull the stem slightly down. If there is resistance it means that the seal has been created and you have placed the menstrual cup correctly. Hurray!
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Frequently asked the question:- FAQ

Do I have to remove a menstrual cup every time I go to the toilet?

No, You can use a menstrual cup inside the body and go to the toilet the same way you normally go. You should know that you put it inside the vagina, there is another hole that is used for urination.

Can I have s*x while wearing a menstrual cup?

Having s*x while wearing the menstrual cup especially penetration s*x is not advised. You are free to do another form of sex like kiss etc.

Can a menstrual cup get lost inside me?

This is a very common doubt about menstrual cups. But, nothing to do with reality is just a misconception. Know the structure first, your vagina is a type of tube that is 7–12 long that runs from your cervix to the outside of your body. This means that it cannot go anywhere other than staying in the vagina.

To remove the menstrual cup, sometimes the woman has difficulty in finding the stem of the cup, And when the stem is not found, She starts to panic as if it has gone somewhere else.

Apply your sense!

  • Never use a device to get out of it
  • Change your position I mean you can sit and stand up several times
  • Try to increase internal abdominal pressure in the same way that you create pressure in constipation.

How long can I wear a menstrual cup?

Depending on your flow type, if your menstruation is mild then you can wear it for 8-12 hours. If you have a heavy flow, you may have to empty several times a day. But make sure to rinse and wash period cups properly before every use.

What size of a menstrual cup is perfect for me – for a beginner?

The important step is to get a menstrual cup with the right size for it to work properly. Two companies manufacture smaller sizes of menstrual cups but one cup may be right for you while the other not.

Three important factor you have to consider:-

Length of Cup:- Usually between 65-72mm

The diameter of Cup:- Usually the diameter of a good manufacturer’s menstrual cup varies between 35–46 mm. But now some lesser diameter cups are also available for 18 years old girl or under.

Holding Capacity of Cup(collecting capacity):- Most of the period’s cups can hold period fluids anywhere Between 10ml-38 ml, But a cup collecting capacity between 25ml -30ml is always in demand.


  • Under 30 age chose a smaller cup (Model-1)
  • Over 30 age chose larger cup (Model-2)

You only have a problem, to begin with, after using once or twice you will get to know everything correctly.

Menstrual cups dangers? (is menstrual cup safe )

There is much discussion about the dangers of the menstrual cup as it is inserted inside her body. Some women feel that this may be a danger to them. But this is not the case.

You know that it is made of medical-grade silicone or latex rubber. If you follow the guidelines for using, removing, and washing then you are far from any dangers.

Avoid using any cheap brand cup, which does not explain how its product is made, what ingredients have been used to make it.

TSS (Toxic Shock Syndrome, often associated with a tampon) has not resulted from the use of menstrual cups yet, and chances are extremely rare.

A menstrual cup does not cause infection in your body. However, you can transfer external harmful bacteria during the process of inserting and removing period cups. All experts give advice to maintain a high level of hygiene.

Top 5 Menstrual Cup Brands (Company) in World

  1. Lunette:- The Lunette is a Finland-based international company whose period cup is the best. The Lunette has been successful in establishing its brand value among users by producing high-quality menstrual cups.
  2. Keeper:- Keeper is a USA company and one of the few manufacturers of women’s hygiene products that is appreciated worldwide. It has produced 4 models of menstrual cups which are liked by women from all over the world. You can choose the model according to your requirement. The good thing about this company is that you will get all the basic details related to the products.
  3. Divacup:- Diva International Inc. is a Canadian multinational company. They manufacture a menstrual cup called Divacup which is widely famous worldwide. Divacup produces 3 models of menstrual cups that are 0,1 and 2. Divacup Menstrual Cup-0 is designed for girls 19 years of age or younger and, the Model-1 Menstrual Cup is suitable for women between the ages of 19-34. While Model-2 can be perfect for women above the age of 34 years.
  4. Saltco :- The Saltco is the leading female hygiene product manufacturer in the world. Its menstrual cup is better known as a salt menstrual cup. There is no doubt that The Saltco is the youngest company but very soon has been able to capture the world market. Today’s consumers prefer to buy products that have good quality.
  5. Intimina:- Some of you may have heard of the brand Intimina before if you use a branded hygiene product. It is a Sweden based company with branches or sales offices across the country. Intimina exclusively manufactures only female intimate products. Its period cup is a word-class and is liked by thousands of women worldwide.

Summary:- Menstruation Cup is a women’s hygiene product. It has a history of long years of use, but has recently become widely popular. Indian women are still using it in relatively small amounts. I have dedicated this post with the aim of bringing awareness of the menstrual cup in Indian girl and women. Therefore, I have combined a list of best menstrual cups in India for beginners. Hope you like my effort.