Public Hair Trimmer | 7 Best Public Hair Trimmer for Male India

In 21 Century women are no where behind of man, when it comes to grooming and make-up. Women are at the top. Isn’t that right?Men are little focused on their cleanliness right from the beginning.  Shaving your face and bathing daily does not mean you are a hygiene one.  Do you regular clean of your private area as well?

men trimming private hair

I asked many of my knowing person about it, all replied same  “time consuming” “ razor shaves cuts off skin” etc. Actually they do cleaning of their private part but not on regular basis.Actually they all were right at their point. Razor shaving especially private area is a completely risky.

men shaving public hair

Private area’s hair is more dense, thicker and tighter than hair of other parts of the body.That’s why men in metro city has started using trimmer for private parts.
You need to take care of some important things when buying a public hair trimmer such as a motor which must be powerful, a blade to be fast and a long time backup of its battery.By the way, all the companies that manufacture public hair trimmer call themselves the best, but that is not the true. You should not chose the worst trimmer for private area by looking theirs fascinating advertisement.

I am writing this post to help you find best trimmer for pubic hair for male and female both.Public hair trimmer companies have brought thousands of models in the Indian market, but all are not good. I have shortlisted only best public hair trimmer based on specification, durability, usage, popularity and review.


7 Best Public Hair Trimmer in 2020

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#1: Philips Norelco BG7030/49 cordless trimmer for private area male


philips public hair trimmer for men

Run Time 80 min
Charging Time 60 min
Cordless yes
Waterproof yes
Maximum Lenth 11 mm
Other specification Default 5 length setting from 3mm to11 mm, rounded tip, cut in all 4 direction, self sharpen blade, rubber grip

#2: Panasonic ER-GK60-S Cordless trimmer for guys


panasonic private hair trimmer for guy

Run Time 40 min
Charging Time 8 hr
Cordless yes
Waterproof yes
Minimum Lenth 0.1mm
Others Specification Comb Attached (2 piece , 3mm and 6mm), charging stand, blade is rounded, 2mm space between skin and the blade, slim design

#3: Philips MG5730/13 Multi-grooming Series


Run Time 80 min
Charging Time 16 hr
Cordless yes
Waterproof yes
Maximum Lenth 16 mm
Other specification 7 comb attached ranging from 1 to 16mm, cut in two direction , rubber grip, self sharping blade

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#4: Braun Body Hair Trimmer BG5010


Run Time 50 min
Charging Time 14hr
Cordless yes
Waterproof yes
Maximum Lenth 0.6mm
Other specification Led attached, charging stand, dual battery, 3 attached comb 0.6 mm to 8mm


#5: Panasonic ER-GY10-k grooming kit


panasonic_er_gy_k_public hair trimmer

Run Time 50 min
Charging Time 8hr
Cordless yes
Waterproof yes
Maximum Lenth 0.5
Other specification 4 comb attached 0.5 mm to 15mm, multi use, replacement inner blade.

   #6:  SYSKA Aqua Trim Pro Styling Kit


syska body grooming kit

Run Time 60 min
Charging Time 90 min
Cordless yes
Waterproof yes
Maximum Lenth 0.5
Other specification Travel lock, digital indicator, all in one

#7:  Remington PG 6070 Vacuum Personal Grooming Kit


remington body grooming

Run Time 60 min
Charging Time 240  min
Cordless yes
Waterproof yes
Maximum Lenth n/a
Other specification Vacuum technology


Benefits of Trimming of public hair

men showing public hair


  • Normally, the temperature around your private area is high and there is also perspiration, due to which harmful bacteria are born and produce a rash, scratching, etc on the skin. Trimming the hair around the private area at regular intervals will get rid of all this problem.


men itching pubic part


  • You may miss a golden opportunity to have oral sex with your girl friend or wife because no girl likes messy crotch, you feel embarrassed in yourself when a girl refuses you because of the filth of your private parts . On the other hand your partner is attracted towards the moment you show her your hygiene and groom genital.



men disturbed on bed because of messy pbulic hair


  • You need confidence in every field whether it is education or business or bed. Do you talk to your customer without bathing and washing your mouth don’t you?, because you do not have confidence and your customer also does not like to talk to you. You also have a lack of confidence when you do not maintain hygiene, which results in intercourse neither you nor your partner enjoys it. So how can you go to your wife without cleaning private hair?



hygeine couple




  • By the way, when the hair around your testis is large and thick, then your partner does not notice despite the penis is erected, which does not make their mood. But the trimmed testis look smaller and banana appear to be bigger.



banana with lemon


how to trim your public hair?

You can trim or shave both, but in the recent days people have started using the trimmer more because it reduces the fear of cutting. The biggest advantage of using a trimmer is that it gives you grooming without touching your skin.

Since your private part is very sensitive, you also need to take more care


  • Use the right tool
  • Always trim private hair by standing upright
  • If your hair is curly or coarse, try to trim it twice so that you are less prone to damage, use the trimmer with the provided clip first and use only trimmer in the second time.
  • The part of the testis is very sensitive, trim in the same direction as the hair has grown, use the trimmer with one hand while holding the testis and penis with the other hand.
  • Wash with warm water after trimming, avoid using any kind of chemical lotion because it causes skin redness and rashes in the skin.
  • Don’t rub the skin too fast