zika virus in jaipur

Are new cases of Zika Virus in Jaipur just a beginning?

Is the news of Zika Virus in Jaipur true? Yes, don’t be shocked, 29 Zika infection case found positive in Jaipur alone, Bengal also put on alarm as one new...

Amazing but real health benefits of flaxseeds

Flaxseeds are not a new plant. Your ancestor used to include it in the food. But just because they found it worthy. But today, after research and study Science...

Tulsi Health Benefits: Proven Top 10 Health Benefits of Holy Basil (2020)

Tulsi is one of the most sacred plants in India and is considered in Ayurveda as “The Queen of the Herbs” for its restorative and spiritual properties. The Tulsi...

Diagnose oral cancer 6 years in advance.

In most of the case, a doctor diagnoses oral cancer or any form of cancer and say, patient's relative " you came here very late ". But imagine if anyone...
cancer symptoms

Symptoms of any kind of Cancer.

Cancer is a genetic disease caused by changes to genes that control cells function, especially how they grow and divide. Unexplained weight loss, fever, fatigue, skin changes, unusual immune...
diabetes symptoms and prevention

Know Symptoms of high Blood Sugar.

 High blood sugar is also known as hyperglycemia which is a technical(Medical) term for high blood glucose (blood sugar). When there is little insulin in the body or body can’t use insulin...