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I am going to talk about the top Indian toothpaste company that produces high-grade toothpaste, which is good in terms of performance and health safety, even though Indians do not use “Make in India toothpaste” much, but foreigners use it in abundance.

Almost every Indian probably uses toothpaste twice a day, first in the morning and the second time before sleeping. Brushing your teeth with toothpaste is a routine for every Indian. We enjoy brushing teeth with any toothpaste we get without considering the toothpaste ingredients and origin of toothpaste’s company. Yes, toothpaste is used to clean teeth, maintain gum health, kills bacteria, fights against teeth diseases and eliminates bad breath; especially after eating, but not all toothpaste do their work honestly.

The best toothpaste is the one that takes care of the overall health and cleanliness of teeth and gums. The Indian market is replete with international toothpaste that claims to whiten teeth after a single use but contains hazardous chemicals that are dangerous to the health of your teeth after prolonged use.

It is unfortunate that the majority of “Make in India Toothpaste” is organic, prepared from natural ingredients and herbs, but in spite of it is ignored by most Indians. The international toothpaste company promotes its products through various platforms. They employ big celebrities to popularize their toothpaste among Indians. As a result, the Indian toothpaste company is unable to compete with the international toothpaste company.

Let me be transparent to you that not every Indian toothpaste company produces high-grade products, so don’t get trapped looking at indigenous company labels. You need to check some other important facts as well.

With the Make in India initiative by PM Modi in 2014, the domestic company accelerated manufacturing of products including Swadeshi Toothpaste.

Some domestic companies are doing quite well as their products meet every criterion to take the top position globally.

I have made a list of the top Indian toothpaste company whose Toothpaste products work wonders on the health of our teeth, they whiten our teeth quickly, are free from parabens and dangerous chemicals and above all it is much cheaper in price .

Top 3 Indian Toothpaste Company shining globally

1Patanjali Ayurved Limited

Patanjali Ayurved Limited is owned by Baba Ram Dev which is one of the trusted domestic companies for producing finest class of toothpaste. Patanjali’s toothpaste comes in different names with various characteristics. Patanjali Ayurveda Limited uses organic, herb and natural plant ingredients to prepare its toothpaste.

  • DANT KANTI Toothpaste is a gem product from the house of Patanjali

DANT KANTI is Patanjali’s top toothpaste product that takes care of overall teeth, gums and mouth health. Dental Kanti contains important natural elements like neem, timberu, turmeric, cloves and peppermint, pipli etc.

Dank Kanti Toothpaste is used not only for cleaning teeth, but to protect your teeth from Pyria and Gingivitis. Dant Kanti Toothpaste is a boon for a person with bad mouth odor. Therefore, when it comes to the best Indian toothpaste company, there is no doubt, Patanjali ranks first.

Patanjali Popular Toothpaste Products list at Glance

Name Size Key Ingredients Recommend Price
Dant Kanti
20/200 gm Neem, Babul, Pipli, Miswak, Cloves Pyria, gingtivis, bad odour 20gm@10 INR
Dant Kanti Junior 100 gm Pudinha, Mulethi, Saunf Kids 35 INR
Dant Kanti Medicated 100 gm Vidang,Vajradanti,Tomar Bleeding gums, toothache, Sensitivity 45 INR
Dant Kanti Advanced 50 gm Vajradanti,Kapur,Ajawayeen Overall Teeth Health 50 INR
Dant Kanti Fresh Active Gel 20/80gm Anar, black pepper, badi elaichi, dal chini Periodontal disease, bad breath 20gm@10 INR
Dant Kanti Alovera Gel 20gm Alovera Gum disease 10 INR



The 90-year-old company, Himalaya is global leader in health and personal care. Liv-52 created a unique identity of the Himalayas globally in the health sector.

Today, the Himalayas produce over 500 products and import to 100 countries. Himalaya toothpaste is one of the icon products of the Himalayan Company which is in demand all over the world including India. Toothpaste of Himalaya is natural which does not contain any kind of chemicals.

  • Complete Care Toothpaste is Himalaya company’s best selling toothpaste

Himalaya produces a wide range of toothpastes that cater to the needs of every person. Complete care toothpaste, top selling products in toothpaste category, is formulated with natural blends of plants and herbs to keep teeth clean, hygienic and healthy.

The company claims to use high antioxidant herbal formula in it to fight free radicals. Complete care toothpaste helps maintain gum health as well.

Himalaya Toothpaste Products at Glance

Name Size Key Ingredients Recommend Price
Complete Care Toothpaste 80/150 gm Neem, Triphala, Miswak Gums problem and toothache 80gm@50 INR
Sparkling White Toothpaste 80/150 gm Papaya, Pineapple, Miswak Person with yellow teeth 80 gm@60 INR
Active Fresh Gel 80 gm Menthol, Fennell Bad breath 50 INR
Stain Removal toothpaste 80 gm Papaya, Pineapple To remove stain from teeth 70 INR
Sparking White Fresh Gel 40/80gm Papaya, Pineapple, Menthol,Mint Yellow teeth and bad breath 30 INR
Sensitive Toothpaste 80gm Spinach Sensitivity of Teeth 105 INR


3Dabur India Limited

Dabur was known to Dabur Hajmola until 2000, Dabur Hajmola works wonders on an upset stomach, over time, the company, Dabur India Limited, expanded its wings into many health care products. The toothpaste which has been recently incorporated by Dabur became the preferred toothpaste in India.

Bad breath is one of the most common problems that Indians live with. It becomes even more disgusting when you know someone who refrains from talking with you because your mouth smells. Teeth strains stop you smiling publicly? Use Dabur red toothpaste twice a day to overcome all general health disease. It even treats plaque and gingivitis.

The Dabur company does not add any chemicals in its toothpaste. They combine a balanced proportion of ayurvedic ingredients such as Clove, Pudhina, Sunthi and Tomar beej etc to prepare it.


Dabur Toothpaste Products

Name Size Key Ingredients Recommend Price
Dabur Red Paste
200 gm Ginger, Tomar, Pudina Plaque, Gingivitis, bad breath 95 INR
Dabur Meswak Toothpaste 100 gm Papaya, Pineapple, Miswak Extract Tooth decay, Tarter 52 INR
Dabur Dant Rakshak
175 gm Mulathi, Lavang, Tejbal (combination of 32 ayurvedic herbs) Complete tooth and gum health 85 INR
Dabur Babool
175 gm Babool extract Normal Teeth 55 INR


Summary:- Organic toothpaste is better than traditional toothpaste that contains harmful chemicals. India has been a rich place for cultivating herbs and ayurvedic plants. The Indian toothpaste company mentioned above uses those essential herbs and plants in place of toxic ingredients.

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