Garlic is a very familiar herb used in a kitchen to make food delicious. But I was shocked when my mom gave me two cloves of raw Garlic at early morning in empty stomach to eat as I had diarrhea, a kind of intestinal bacterial infection. I wanted not to eat it as it gives bad smell but had to eat because I wanted to cure diarrhea in any case at no time. Garlic did magic on my health soon after taking it. I thanked to my beloved Mom. My Mom said smilingly Garlic is one of the oldest herbs but a magic one, people have been using for curing many diseases. I thought Garlic must have something special components that make it so popular herb and used in treatment. I started researching on health benefits of garlic. But before jumping to the direct its benefits, first, understand Garlic in a detailed way.

What is Garlic?

health benefits of garlic

Garlic (Allium sativum ) is a member of Liliaceae family considered to be most regarded among all herbs. It is one of the oldest cultivated plants. Garlic is one of the earliest plant used in treatment and maintenance of the human body. Archaeological remains of Egyptian pyramids and ancient Greek temple confirmed its use that time. Early day, Garlic was the solution of many diseases in Egypt, Greece, Rome, China and India.

Nowadays, Scientist and medical fraternity around the world are focusing on natural product to find a cure solution for some of the fatal disease. Garlic is of the most researched and discussed natural product.

Garlic nutrition :

3 cloves or 9 gram of garlic nutrition data

Water g 5.27
Energy kcal 13
Protein g 0.57
Total lipid (fat) g 0.04
Carbohydrate, by the difference g 2.98
Fiber, total dietary g 0.2
Sugars, total g 0.09
Calcium, Ca mg 16
Iron, Fe mg 0.15
Magnesium, Mg mg 2
Phosphorus, P mg 14
Potassium, K mg 36
Sodium, Na mg 2
Zinc, Zn mg 0.10
Vitamin C, total ascorbic acid mg 2.8
Thiamin mg 0.018
Riboflavin mg 0.010
Niacin mg 0.063
Vitamin B-6 mg 0.111
Folate, DFE µg 0
Vitamin B-12 µg 0.00
Vitamin A, RAE µg 0
Vitamin A, IU IU 1
Vitamin E (alpha-tocopherol) mg 0.01
Vitamin D (D2 + D3) µg 0.0
Vitamin D IU 0
Vitamin K (phylloquinone) µg 0.2
Fatty acids, total saturated g 0.008
Fatty acids, total monounsaturated g 0.001
Fatty acids, total polyunsaturated g 0.022
Fatty acids, total trans g 0.000
Cholesterol mg 0
Caffeine mg 0


The chemical fact of Garlic :

Garlic is loaded with a minimum of 33 sulphur compounds, numerous enzymes, 17 amino acids, and minerals such as selenium. Of all the Allium species (onion, scallion, shallot, leek, and chives etc), garlic contains high consolidation of sulphur compounds.

It becomes more important in medical use due to Sulphur compound available with it.

 Health benefits of Garlic 

garlic extract

  • Natural Antibiotics :

Louis Pasteur did research on garlic and found, it had the antibacterial effect, and it has been used medically to combat many types of bacterial infection worldwide.

Garlic inhibits several types of bacteria to grow in the intestine (Aerobacter, Aeromonas, Bacillus, Citrella etc). Diarrhea in human-caused to bacterial infection in the intestine is controlled easily than the normal intestinal flora.

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  • Tuberculosis :

Mycobacterium tuberculosis (MTB) has increased in recent days, but treatment for the same is inadequate so far. So research was carried out to determine it’s anti-tubercular quality. Which suggested garlic extract could be an alternative therapy for managing it.

  • Antioxidant:

Garlic extracts are one of the powerful antioxidants. Free radical cause many fatal diseases (eg- heart disease). Garlic extracts have antioxidant phytochemicals like unique water-soluble organosulphur compounds (OSC), lipid-soluble organosulphur components and flavonoids, especially allicin and selenium.

  • Cardioprotective :

Garlic is also used for the prevention and treatment of hypertension. One of the very famous studies by Claudia Castro ( Argentina based Scientist ) suggest that AMS and DAS, compounds from garlic, could be effective antioxidants for hypertension. Garlic has anti-inflammatory activities too, Which are helpful in maintaining a healthy heart.

  • Anti-diabetic :

Garlic may be good for those who have diabetes. Diabetes is, in general, an endocrine disorder characterized by hyperglycemia. Increased glycation of proteins and buildup of advanced glycation end-products (AGEPs) have been involved in the pathogenesis of diabetic problems. The recent study shows aged garlic prevent AGEP formation as it has S-Allylcysteine a very important component.

  • Cancer Chemopreventive :

It is advised to take a higher amount of Allium product because it reduces many types of cancer. OSC(organ sulfur compound )present in Allium product makes it effective for reducing cancer.

Side effects of Garlic :

Taking an excessive amount of raw garlic may cause gastrointestinal upset, gassiness, and changes in the intestinal flora.

Topical uses of Garlic may cause allergic dermatitis, burns, and blisters.

Patients taking anticoagulants should take precaution.

How much Garlic should take?

1-2 cloves raw Garlic

one 300-mg dried garlic powder tablet.

Conclusion: Garlic should be taken in any form daily for maintaining good health. It is not a costly and easily available item. Kindly post your comment if you like this article on health benefits of Garlic.