Menstrual Cups in India for Beginners | The Ultimate Guide 2020

menstrual cups in India for beginners 2020

The test of a female starts at the age of 10 and they undergo testing as long as she survives on this planet. Do you think being a woman is so easy? Despite knowing a woman’s sacrifices, we leave them alone to manage her menstrual discharge. Is it fair? I want to bring awareness about hygiene products like menstrual cups. You will also be able to know about the best menstrual cups in India for beginners in the last part of this page.

Particularly in countries such as India, menstrual flow is often associated with stigma and curse, etc. A girl has to go through mental breakdown during menstrual bleeding.

She uses a strip of saree (Saree- a traditional cloth used by mostly women in India) and used towel to manage it. Let the girl enjoy their menstruation, this is possible only when all Indians provide hygiene products for them.

Poor hygiene menstrual management often causes a major problem in her life, but she hides from people and bears all the pain.

Can we all bring a smile on her face by giving her access to hygiene products like menstrual cups?


What is a Menstrual Cup

A menstrual cup is a feminine hygiene product that is used by women during menstruation to collect menstrual fluids.

A menstrual cup that is designed in such a way that it works well to collect menstrual blood when worn inside the vagina. Unlike tampons and pads, it does not absorb menstrual fluid, but rather collects it.

It is made flexible so that your body does not get hurt by using the inside of your body. A menstrual cup is usually made of rubber or silicone(medical grade). It is a cup in funnel shape (like a bell with a stem).  You can wear it inside your body for 8-12 hours without any trouble. 

In general, the menstrual cup collects 10-38 grams of vaginal discharge. It means a menstrual cup collects three times more MC discharged than a tampon absorbs.

Long-hours of use, reusable features, budget-friendly, and holding of more discharged blood (menstrual discharge) are its main features, making it a superior hygiene product.

We can classify it into two main types based on its size. The first one is smaller and the other one is larger. Generally available in grades 1 and 2. But some company is producing 0(Zero) grade of menstrual cups for 19 years and below. Keep in mind that the 1-grade menstrual cup of the two companies may vary in size.

A menstrual cup is a good option for someone who is looking for an alternative to tampons and pads. The menstrual cup may be a new idea for you (Indian female) to manage the menstrual cycle but it was already introduced in 1937.

Are Indian women ready to use menstrual cups?

Indian women are now experimenting with new hygiene products and giving up old unhealthy menstrual absorbent. (Good)

Still, a long way to go, Since the menstrual cycle (MC) is natural, it should be treated that way. The surprising thing is that MC is considered the dirtiest thing in Indian society. Women have to go through many challenges to manage the menstrual cycle from social to religious and cultural. They do not prepare their girls for this.

They still rely on the oldest and unhygienic method of managing menstrual fluids, such as newspapers, mud, leaves, saris, and towels, etc. (40% Indian women use unhygienic items to manage menstrual flow).

Deliberately or unknowingly they risk their lives, in fact, unhealthy management of menstruation can cause women to have fungal infections, urinary infections, reproductive tract infections, etc. The worst case of poor and unhealthy menstrual management is that women will never give birth to a child.

In the urban area, the use of menstrual cups, tampons, panty liners, and sanitary pads has increased. Metro City females know the importance of healthy menstrual management. But still, we have to bring more awareness so that every woman and girl can access it.

Takeaway:- You must start with your home. If you have a daughter over 12 years old, get her a menstrual cup, and teach her properly. So that she feels very proud to be your daughter and a girl.

How does a menstrual cup work?

You don’t need a Newton-type of the brain to understand how it works, it’s as simple. The bell-shaped menstrual cup is sealed against the vaginal wall just below the cervix, menstrual bleeding that accumulates in the cup before coming out of the vagina.

To make it work properly, the cup is placed inside the lower part of the vagina just below the cervix. It uses a slight suction system to create a seal.

The process of collecting vaginal fluids continues while you are driving a car with your friend. And your friend doesn’t know it, isn’t it good?

Advantage of menstrual cup

A menstrual cup is Budget-friendly:-The menstrual cup is reusable. It can last up to 8-10 years. You have to buy it once and rest for 10 years. Isn’t it cool? It is budget-friendly, all can afford it. Its cost is equal to one year’s cost of a tampon or pad

A menstrual cup is Safer:-Women are afraid of infection that causes a fatal disease like TSS (rare). There is no risk of getting TSS using menstrual cups than tampons. (* TSS is very rare but often associated to a tampon)

A menstrual cups hold more vaginal discharged blood:-Typically menstrual cups are compared with tampons because both these hygiene products are placed inside the body. The large size of tampons can barely absorb 12-15 grams while the menstrual cup collects up to 38 grams.

The disadvantage of menstrual Cup

Size problem:- For a beginner, figuring out the exact size of a menstrual cup is the hard part. It is possible that the menstrual cup you bought may not fit properly inside your vagina. It is better for you to replace it with a new size instead of giving useless try.

May not be suitable for all females:-. Your vagina may be allergic to the ingredients used in menstruation cups. You should do an allergy test by yourself before making a menstruation cup a part of your life. When purchasing a skincare product you may have seen a product wrapper that clearly instructs how to check for the allergic ingredients before final use.  You can do it the same way.

Vaginal infection:– Some women often claim that using a menstrual cup causes vaginal infections. Yes, it is possible if you use the menstrual cup without cleaning it properly. So make sure to wash it after and before each time of its use.


How to insert a menstrual cup guide for beginnersHow to insert a menstrual cup

Starting a new task is not always easy. Fear, doubt, and negative questions, etc. always come to mind before any beginning. However, this does not mean that you should step back.

Trust me there is nothing to be afraid of using a menstrual cup for the first time. You can become an experienced user only by using the menstrual cup once or twice. Hold, fold, and Insert that’s it.

Manage sufficient time:- First and foremost, you should have enough time for this process without any interruptions and distractions. It may take longer than you expected when inserting the Menstruation Cup for the first time.

Relax:- Any hasty job can harm you rather than a benefit. When you are relaxed, the muscles inside your body is also relaxed, so it is very easy to do all the process smoothly.

Maintain Hygiene:- Cleanliness should be maintained to a greater extent. First, wash your hands properly. Sterilize your menstrual cup for at least 2-3 minutes on first use. It is good if you do the same before every use,

Fold:– Fold the menstrual cup as instructed in the user instruction catalog. Otherwise, there are three popular ways of folding the menstrual cup (C-fold, 7-Fold and Punch down fold), one of which you can use.

Take Comfortable Position:– Get a comfortable position like you can sit down on a closed toilet, place your one leg up on a closed toilet, or lie down in bed. Just be sure to take the position that works best for you. Use your free hand to open the labia.

Insert & Release:– Gradually insert the folded menstrual cup inside your body horizontally. To create a seal, grip the base of the cup and rotate the cup once.

 To check if the seal has been created, pull the stem slightly down. If there is resistance it means that the seal has been created and you have placed the menstrual cup correctly. Hurray!

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Frequently asked the question:- FAQ 

Do I have to remove a menstrual cup every time I go to the toilet?

No, You can use a menstrual cup inside the body and go to the toilet the same way you normally go. You should know that you put it inside the vagina, there is another hole that is used for urination.

Can I have s*x while wearing a menstrual cup?

Having s*x while wearing the menstrual cup especially penetration s*x is not advised. You are free to do another form of sex like kiss etc.

Can a menstrual cup get lost inside me? 

This is a very common doubt about menstrual cups. But, nothing to do with reality is just a misconception. Know the structure first, your vagina is a type of tube that is 7–12 long that runs from your cervix to the outside of your body. This means that it cannot go anywhere other than staying in the vagina.

 To remove the menstrual cup, sometimes the woman has difficulty in finding the stem of the cup, And when the stem is not found, She starts to panic as if it has gone somewhere else.

Apply your sense!

  •  Never use a device to get out of it
  •  Change your position I mean you can sit and stand up several times
  • Try to increase internal abdominal pressure in the same way that you create pressure in constipation.

How long can I wear a menstrual cup?

Depending on your flow type, if your menstruation is mild then you can wear it for 8-12 hours. If you have a heavy flow, you may have to empty several times a day. But make sure to rinse and wash period cups properly before every use.

What size of a menstrual cup is perfect for me – for a beginner?

The important step is to get a menstrual cup with the right size for it to work properly. Two companies manufacture smaller sizes of menstrual cups but one cup may be right for you while the other not.

Three important factor you have to consider:-

Length of Cup:-  Usually between 65-72mm

The diameter of Cup:-  Usually the diameter of a good manufacturer’s menstrual cup varies between 35–46 mm. But now some lesser diameter cups are also available for 18 years old girl or under.

Holding Capacity of Cup(collecting capacity):-  Most of the period’s cups can hold period fluids anywhere Between 10ml-38 ml, But a cup collecting capacity between 25ml -30ml is always in demand.


  • Under 30 age chose a smaller cup (Model-1)
  • Over 30 age chose larger cup (Model-2)

You only have a problem, to begin with, after using once or twice you will get to know everything correctly.

Menstrual cups dangers?  (is menstrual cup safe )

There is much discussion about the dangers of the menstrual cup as it is inserted inside her body. Some women feel that this may be a danger to them. But this is not the case.

You know that it is made of medical-grade silicone or latex rubber. If you follow the guidelines for using, removing, and washing then you are far from any dangers.

Avoid using any cheap brand cup, which does not explain how its product is made, what ingredients have been used to make it.

TSS (Toxic Shock Syndrome, often associated with a tampon) has not resulted from the use of menstrual cups yet, and chances are extremely rare.

A menstrual cup does not cause infection in your body. However, you can transfer external harmful bacteria during the process of inserting and removing period cups. All experts give advice to maintain a high level of hygiene.

Top 5 Menstrual Cup Brands in World

Lunette:- The Lunette is a Finland-based international company whose period cup is the best. The Lunette has been successful in establishing its brand value among users by producing high-quality menstrual cups.

 Keeper:- Keeper is a USA company and one of the few manufacturers of women’s hygiene products that is appreciated worldwide. It has produced 4 models of menstrual cups which are liked by women from all over the world.

You can choose the model according to your requirement. The good thing about this company is that you will get all the basic details related to the products.

Divacup:- Diva International Inc. is a Canadian multinational company. They manufacture a menstrual cup called Divacup which is widely famous worldwide. Divacup produces 3 models of menstrual cups that are 0,1 and 2.

Divacup Menstrual Cup-0 is designed for girls 19 years of age or younger and, the Model-1 Menstrual Cup is suitable for women between the ages of 19-34. While Model-2 can be perfect for women above the age of 34 years.

Saltco :- The Saltco is the leading female hygiene product manufacturer in the world. Its menstrual cup is better known as a salt menstrual cup. There is no doubt that The Saltco is the youngest company but very soon has been able to capture the world market. Today’s consumers prefer to buy products that have good quality.

Intimina:- Some of you may have heard of the brand Intimina before if you use a branded hygiene product. It is a Sweden based company with branches or sales offices across the country. Intimina exclusively manufactures only female intimate products. Its period cup is a word-class and is liked by thousands of women worldwide.

Top 3 Menstrual cups in World

  1. DivaCup Model  1 Menstrual Cup:-
  2. Lunette Menstrual Cup  Blue Model-1
  3. Saalt Menstrual Cup Duo Pack:-

3 Best Menstrual Cups in India for Beginners

  1. DivaCup Model  1 Menstrual Cup:-
  2. Lunette Menstrual Cup  Blue Model-1
  3. Ruby Life Menstrual Cup Small


1: DivaCup Model 1 Menstrual Cup


  • Reusable
  • Wear up to 12 hours
  • Age 19-34
  • Made from grade silicon
  • Free from plastic, dyes, and color
  • Extra soft rim
  • Leakage resistant
  • Diameter 42mm
  • Length 66 mm (including stem)
  • Blood holding capacity 30 ml
2: Lunette Menstrual Cup Blue Model-1


  • Reusable Menstrual Cup
  • Wear up to 12 hours
  • Soft
  • Made from grade silicon
  • Free from chemical and BPA
  • Perfect for light to normal discharge
  • Finland made product
  • 41 mm diameter
  • 72 mm length (including 25 mm stem)
  • Fluid holding capacity 25 ml
3: Ruby Cup Small


  • 4 months money-back guarantee
  • Wear up to 12 hours
  • Lasting up to 10 years
  • Made from grade silicon
  • Free from plastic
  • 65mm length (19 mm stem including)
  • Diameter 40 mm
  • Collecting capacity 24 ml
  • Color- depend

Best tampons for beginners India | 2020 Buyer Guide | Robustness Guide

Tampon for beginer

Since we are in the 21st century, the management of our social and personal life has changed a lot in this era. The classic example of it is a tampon. The management process of female menstruation began with an unhygienic absorbent and reached an advanced level to a tampon. A tampon needs to be inserted into the vagina to do its job. Since you are planning to use it for the first time, you cannot choose randomly. To make your task easier I have compiled a list of best tampons for beginners India.

You may be surprised that the FDA classifies tampons as a medical device. This means that the manufacturer of tampons must pass the FDA-defined guidelines. It also means that tampons should be considered as a medical device and not as a stylistic famine product. Manufacturers of tampons in the US present all the facts of tampons before they are brought to market. But what about India?

Deciding the best tampon for a regular tampon user is no more difficult than for a first-timer user. I do not want you to leave all your work and waste your precious time just on finding a good tampon. On your part, I did extensive research to prepare this article for you. Not only do you get to know the best tampons for beginners in India, but you will also get to know the amazing facts of a tampon which has never been discussed. So, keep reading.

What is a tampon?

collection of digital tampon


The tampon is also used to absorb menstruation flow but is worn inside the vagina. It is made of cotton or rayon or both of two (Synthetic fiber), has a cylindrical shape with a string attached at the last to remove. A common hygiene product such as sanitary pads or pant liners is used with underwear. It is much smaller in size than of a pad. Tampons are preferred more by the young girl because it absorbs menstrual discharge before touching your underwear and body.

Another big advantage of using tampons is freedom, which means that you can do all your work by wearing tampons during your menstruation, even swimming. It will be difficult for colleagues to know that your menstruation cycle is on.

Type of tampon (digital tampons and applicator tampons)

digital tampon and applicator tampon altogether


To date, two types of tampons are available in the market, depending on how the tampon is inserted: digital tampon and applicator tampon.

1: Digital tampons:- O.B was the first digital tampons to be invented in 1945 by a German gynecologist. It has no applicator, to insert it inside your body you have to use your finger only. (* It is eco-friendly as there is little to waste)

2: Applicator tampon:-

2A: Cardboard applicator Tampon:- The first tampon to be invented was cardboard applicator tampon in 1931 by a physician. And the very first commercial tampon brand was Tampax which was a cardboard applicator tampon. The cardboard applicator is rigid in nature and does not glide like plastic.

2B: Plastic applicator Tampon:- A company called Playtex has launched the first plastic applicator tampon in the 70s. As the name suggests it is made of plastic. The plastic applicator is the first choice of most women. It is easy to glide without pain.

Why tampon?

But a fundamental question is why a female should choose tampons when they have panty liner and sanitary pad options already. Let me make one thing clear, I am not asking to use tampons at all, but I am trying to share information about a tampon. The choice is yours whether to use it or not.

Sanitary pads are large in size and heavy in weight. There are some limitations of sanitary pads like you cannot urinate with it and you cannot swim with it. No one can guess that you have used tampons in your body, It is so comfortable.

A girl living in a joint family always faces problems managing her menstrual flow. A tampon is so small that you can take it to the toilet as many times as you want, no one can guess it. These are some of the basic reasons why women like it.


5 best tampons for beginners India 2020

1: Tampax Pearl Lite Absorbency Tampons
2: O.B PRO COMFORT Regular Tampon
3: Playtex Gentle Glide Ultra Tampons
4: U by Kotex Security Tampons, Regular Absorbency
5: O.B Tampons, Multi-Pack


searching best tampons for beginners in india

1: Tampax Pearl Lite Absorbency Tampons

  • For Light Flow (beginner)
  • No Fragrance
  • No Chlorine bleaching and Dyes
  • Leak Guard Braid
  • The anti-Slip grip of the applicator
  • Rounded Tip Smooth Plastic Applicator
  • Smooth Removal Layer
  • FormFit design
  • Clinically tested
  • Made in USA
  • NOS 18/36/50 (available in three packs)
  • Check details


2: O.B PRO COMFORT Regular Tampon

  • Perfect for beginner
  •  Digital Tampon
  •  Fluid lock technology
  • Curved grooves technology
  •  SilkTouch cover
  •  Expand as per your size
  • Less wastage
  • Cotton
  • Made in the USA
  • NOS 18/40(available in 2 packs of 18 and 40 counts)
  • Check details



  • 3: Playtex Simply Gentle Glide Tampons

  • Best for normal flow
  • Purified Fibers
  • Free from BPA, Color, and Dyes
  • 360 Protection
  • Powerful barrier against leakage
  • Comfort shape with a plastic applicator
  • Perfect for beginner
  • NOS 20/40
  • Check details


4: U by Kotex Security Tampons, Regular Absorbency

  • Smooth Plastic applicator
  • Cotton
  • No scent
  • Powerful leakage protection
  • Expand all around
  • Packs of 4 (each contain 16 pieces)
  • OBGYN-tested
  • Check details


5: O.B Tampons, Multi-Pack

• Fluide lock technology
• Made in the US
• Combination of Regular, Super, and Super plus absorbency (18/12/10)
• Made from Cotton
• Digital Non-Applicator Tampon
• Long-lasting protect for up to 8 hours
• NOS 18/40Check details


Buyer Guide

Size:- If you are using it for the first time, make sure the tampon with the lowest absorbency is chosen as it is easy for you to insert. The tampon is designed at an absorbent rating which means how many grams of menstrual blood are to be absorbed by a tampon.

The tampon absorbent rating is generally referred to as the size of the tampon. Tampons are available in four sizes in the market, light (mini), regular, super, and super plus. For example, a light tampon will absorb 6 grams or less of period blood.

Digital Tampon/ Applicator Tampon:-

Non-applicator or Digital Tampon:- You have to use your finger to push the tampon inside the body

Applicator Tampon:- The applicator is used to insert tampons into your body. Whatever you like is up to you

Risk Associated to tampons

In general, a tampon does not cause you any disease, but your careless nature can get you into a lot of trouble. There are bacteria throughout your body, including your skin and vagina. Bacteria make toxins from blood-soaked tampons that can cause you (rare, but possible) to have a deadly disease called toxic shock syndrome (TSS). Risk of TSS increases if you leave a tampon longer time.

To avoid this risk,

  • change the tampon every 4-6 hours.
  • Do not sleep with a tampon
  • Use tampons only when you have periods
  • User Lower absorbency tampon
  • If you have any unusual symptoms, try consulting a doctor immediately.
  • Take breaks between regular use of tampons

Takeaway:- Never leave the tampon inside your body longer than prescribed.


what tampon used for?

Like sanitary pads and panty liners, a tampon is used by a woman to prevent vaginal leakage during menstruation. A tampon is an advanced female hygiene product. The main difference between a tampon and other hygiene products is that it is inserted into the body to absorb menstrual flow.

What is a tampon made of?

In general, a tampon is made of cotton or rayon or a combination of the two and shape is cylindrical. But some company is using fragrance, dye, color, odor neutralizer in tampons which is a matter of concern and you should not take any such tampon at all. your vaginal wall is so permeable that all these substances can enter your bloodstream easily.

Takeaway:- dioxin, pellets of carboxymethyl cellulose, etc containing tampon must not be considered in any case.

What is a tampon applicator?

This type of tampon is actually made up of two parts – the tampon itself that you insert into your body, and the other part the applicator you use to insert it. An applicator has two tubes one inner (Known as a plunger, it has to push inside the barrel) and one outer tube (known as barrel which has tampon inside). Before insertion, the applicator inner tube is partially engaged with the outer tube.

The inner tube is pushed slowly inside the outer tube so that the tampon can be placed at its precise location. Tampon applicator is made of plastic or cardboard.


  • Applicator must be used once only like the tampon.
  • For the first time users consider plastic applicator tampon*
  • Go with cardboard applicator if you hate wastage*
  • Use digital applicator after having experience*

Can I lose my virginity by inserting a tampon?

Tampon for beginer


One of the most commonly asked questions is the relationship between virginity and a tampon. Virginity is still associated with a girl’s sacred morals in our society. A common concept is that the breakdown of the hymen means the girl’s loss of virginity.

The hymen is a very thin membrane of tissue located at the entrance of the vagina. But, it is so thin that your membrane breaks when you cycle, swim, run, but it would be wrong to say that only the use of a tampon breaks the membrane.

Is the use of tampons not allowed in major religions like Islam, Christianity, and Hinduism?

Even today, orthodox religious leaders believe that touching the reproductive system while putting tampons gives sexual pleasure, which they believe is wrong. The religious leader is so conservative that they do not realize the pain of the woman during menstruation. Instead of promoting hygiene products like tampons, they promote banning it. Is this justified I leave on you to make a decision?

Can a tampon fall out?

In general, a tampon does not fall out if it is placed correctly where it should be. Once a tampon puts in your body properly, it does not fall out unless you forcefully pull it out. Your vagina muscle is strong and enabled with natural gripping power.

Takeaway:- A tampon should be placed far enough inside your vaginal tube.

Can you pee with a tampon in?

best tampons for beginners India


This is another most common question when deciding to shift your menstrual management product to a tampon. It is because if a woman has to take out a tampon every time she goes to the toilet, it is really no use to use a tampon. Tampons mean comfort and freedom.

See, there are two holes down, one hole (urethra opening) you use to urinate and the other hole in the vaginal opening. Since tampons are inserted into the vagina, the process of urination is not affected at all. You can pee (urinate) as often as you want with a tampon in. Since the string is outside the body, you can hold it with one hand while urinating, so that the string doesn’t get wet. (Recommendation)

How to insert tampons for the first time

how to insert a tampon for beginner

1: Insert tampon without applicator

The process of insertion a tampon for the first time is just like riding a bicycle for the first time. Not to panic, thousands of female insert tampon daily and also remove it. Just follow the guide

Step A:- Wash your hands properly, make sure you are not transferring germs to your body through the process.

Step B:- The more you feel relaxed, the more it is good for you. Take a deep breath and rest for a while

Step C:- Since you are using it for the first time, you must have bought a regular tampon or slim tampon designed to absorb normal flow or light flow.)

Step D:- If you are using a tampon without an applicator, follow the picture. If possible, locate the vaginal opening using a mirror.

Step E:- Depending on the level of comfort, you can place your one leg on the closed toilet or you can sit on the toilet. Take out the tampon from the seal pack, hold it between your thumb and index finger on the side of the string.

Step F:- Push the tampon with your index finger, making sure the string of tampons hangs outside of your body. Slide your finger out slowly. Your work is done.

2: Insert tampon with applicator

Through an applicator, it becomes easier to insert a tampon into the body. If you are using for the first time be sure to purchase a tampon with an applicator. The choice is yours.

Step:-1 Before starting the process, wash your hands thoroughly and make sure you have time, you are not in a hurry.

Step:-2 Just calm down! The more you relax, the easier the insertion process will be.

Step:-3 Whatever sit or stand in a comfortable position, The approach should undergo the process in a simple way

Step:-4 Make sure the string is attached tightly, sometimes the product you received is damaged.

Step:-5 Hold the applicator indicator point between your thumb and index finger and insert it into your vagina at 45 degrees. Let it in slowly until your finger touches the body.

Step:-6 Push the plunger inside the barrel to release the tampon with the finger. The tampon is now inside the body with the string on the outside.

Step:-7 Gently pull out the applicator. You are done!

If you do not feel anything inside your body then it means that tampon is inserted correctly.



Best Philips Hair straighteners in India 2020- Included straightener brush

Best Philips Hair straighteners in India 2020

Both women and girls spend a lot of time to make hair smooth and shinier; after all, hair is something that enhances their beauty. No women like wavy, curly, and kinky hair, most women prefer straight hair because it attracts the attention of society. But unfortunately, regardless of the hair texture, every second woman experiences frizz of hair on this planet which is the most annoying and disgusting. But thanks to an electronic company like Philips that manufactured hair straighteners, which can help improve your hair from the comfort of your home. I have shared here a list of 5 best Philips hair straighteners in India, one of which you should keep in your wardrobe.

By using a hair straightener, you can make your hair smooth, shiny, frizz-free, straight and beautiful. But the main question is how to choose the best hair straightener from thousands of models available both online and retail outlets? That’s right. A branded hair straightener can make your hair beautiful, but on the contrary, a normal hair straightener can completely damage your hair, so you should take special care when deciding to buy a hair straightener.

Philips is a trusted brand, its products are always appreciated, even if it is a hair straightener. As Philips has produced a lot of products in the hair straightener category, after close and in-depth research, I have compiled a list of the best 5 Philips hair straighteners in India.

Page Contents


Phillips hair straightener






Check Price


Philips Advanced Heated Straightening brush


Philips HP8316/00 Kerashine Hair Straightener


Philips HP8318/00 Kerashine Temperature Control Straightener


Philips BHS386/00 Straight Care Hair Straightener


Philips HP8302/00 Selfie Straightener



Philips BHH880-50 Advanced Heated Straightening brush

1. Philips BHH880/50 Advanced Heated Straightening brush


Argan oil infusion Yes
Thermo Protect Yes
Auto Shut Off After 60 min
Swivel Code Yes
Storage Hook Yes
Brush Shape Paddle
Brushing Area 116 length *60 width (mm)
Number of heated bristles 111
Heater type PTC
Warranty 2 years
Temperature 170 & 210 ̊C
Cord Length 1.8 meter
Warranty 2 years
Know Price








best philips hair straightener in india Philips HP8316

2. Philips HP8316/00 KeraShine Straightener


Keratin ceramic coating Yes
Iconic care Yes
Swivel Code Yes
Plate Lock Yes
Storage Hook Yes
Plate Width 47*75 mm
Temperature 210 ̊C
Heat-up Time 60 seconds
Cord Length 1.8 meter
Warranty 2 years

best philips hair straightener in india Philips HP8318

3. Philips HP8318/00 KeraShine straightener


Keratin ceramic coating Yes
Iconic care Yes
Swivel Code Yes
Plate Lock Yes
Storage Hook Yes
Plate Width 47*75 mm
Temperature 190-210 ̊C
Heat-up Time 60 seconds
Cord Length 1.8 meter
Warranty 2 years

Philips hair straightener model BHS386

4. Philips BHS386/00 Straight Care Straightener


Keratin ceramic coating Yes
Iconic care Yes
Swivel Code Yes
Plate Lock Yes
Storage Hook Yes
Styling Plate 29*90 mm
Temperature 190 and 210 ̊C
Heat-up Time 60 seconds
Cord Length 1.6 meter
Warranty 2 years

philips hair straightener model Philips HP8302

5. Philips HP8302/06 straightener


Plate material Ceramics
Iconic care Yes
Swivel Code Yes
Silk pro care yes
Temperature 210 ̊C
Heat-up Time 60 seconds
Cord Length 1.6 meter
Warranty 2 years

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Buyer Guide

You have come to know the 5 best Phillips hair straightener available in India, but which is the best for your hair types, do you know? The buyer guide will definitely help you in choosing the best hair straightener for you in the end, so keep reading

As you know there are many types of hair for example thin hair, thick hair, curly hair, and damaged hair, etc. Considering women’s hair types, Philips has increased or decreased some features in its hair straightener products so as not to damage your hair.

Let’s first know the type of hair and the recommended hair straightener for that hair.

On the basis of volume, we can classify hair into three types.

Volume (by the circumference of the full-hair ponytail)
1 Thin Less than 2 inches
2 Normal 2-4 inches
3 Thick +4 inches


Depending on the thickness of the hair strands, hairs are three types

Thickness of Strands

1 Fine
2 Medium
3 Coarse


Hair can be classified into three types based on its Curliness

Pattern of Hair
1 Straight
2 Wavy
3 Curly


* Above classification of hair is known as FIA hair classification

Thin Hair:- Thin hair is easily damaged easily you might notice. Thin hair or fine hair requires relatively less heat to be straight. In that case, you first need to consider the straightener temperature setting. Is it enabled with multiple heat settings?

A ceramic plate is the best choice as far as the plate is concerned for thin or fine hair. The ceramic plate is inherently smooth so the ceramic hair straightener is great for smoothening out hair and reducing frizz. Ceramic plate distributes heat evenly. The ceramic plate takes a little time to heat up but once heated it stays hot for longer.

Thick Hair:- You do not need to do the same task over and over again, for this you need a hair straightener that has a higher temperature setting so that you can straighten your hair in one or two slots.

Anyway, you need to protect your hair from heat exposure more often, as it can damage the cuticle.

To avoid heat exposure more often, the titanium plate is the best option, it heats up quickly and maintains high temperatures for a long time.

Curly Hair:– Straightening curly hair is the most challenging job because of curly hair most prone to frizz. You should invest in a hair straightener that has a wider plate so that maximum hair can be straightened at a time.

Hair professionals always recommended a curly-haired woman use a tourmaline hair straightener.

Damaged Hair:- No recommendation from the Robustness Guide.


Hair Types Plate Materials Plate Width Temperature
Thick Titanium 2 inch 190 ̊C +
Curly Tourmaline 1 ½ inch 200-300 ̊C
Thin Ceramic Mini plate Below 180 ̊C
Damaged N/A N/A N/A


Best Pantyliners in India | Female Don’t miss it in 2020 (robustness guide)

5 Best Pantyliners in India

A pantyliner is a female hygiene product used to shield vaginal discharge and mild menstrual flow.  Since it is a secret hygiene product, women prefer to buy online rather than from a local shop. Online shopping also requires women to do it very quickly so that no one can see what they are ordering. They often buy a wrong product as a result. To solve it, I have listed best pantyliners in India for Indian female here.

Talking about personal hygiene, women are one step ahead of men. Especially in the metro city, women pay more attention to hygiene because they have to go to the office, attend the meeting. Anyway, when you keep yourself clean, a new confidence arises in you, you feel freshness. Vaginal discharge is a part of female life, but it should be cleaned thoroughly to prevent infection and diseases etc.

Pantyliner is an advance hygiene care product which are used for many purposes like absorbency for daily vaginal discharge, light menstrual flow, tampon and menstrual cup backup, spotting, post-intercourse discharge, and urinary incontinence. Lets dive straight into top 5 best pantyliners in India.


Page Contents


 5 Best Pantyliners in India



5 Best Pantyliners in India You can’t miss in 2020

#1: Bella Herbs Party-liners with Verbena
#2: Whisper Daily Liners Clean and Fresh
#3: Bella Panty Soft Classic Liners
#4: PEESAFE Aloe Vera Panty Liners for Extra Comfort
#5: EverEve Ultra Absorbent Disposable Period Panties

#1: Bella Herbs Party-liners with Verbena

best pantyliner Bella Herbs Partyliners with Verbena

Bella Herbs Party-liners with Verbena

  • Infused with verbena herbs
  • Ultra thin panty liner
  • Has an anti-inflammatory effects
  • Provides high level of absorption
  • Has breathability
  • neutralizes the bad odor
  • Keeps you refreshed
4.0 out of 5 Amazon review
  • 120 Pieces
  • Price 358

#2: Whisper Daily Liners Clean and Fresh

Best Pantyliners in India Whisper Daily Liners

Whisper Daily Liners Clean and Fresh

  • Breathable
  • Long lasting freshness
  • Dermatology tested
  • Removes bad smell
  • Quick absorb 
3.9 out of 5 Amazon review
  • 20 Pieces
  • Price 87

#3:Bella Panty Soft Classic Liners

Bella Panty Soft Classic Liners

Bella Panty Soft Classic Liners

  • Protects against rashes and irritation
  • Maintain dryness
  • Eliminate bad odors
  • Made of pure cotton
  • Maintain hygiene
  • Minimize the risk of allergic reactions
3.8 out of 5 Amazon review
  • 60 Pcs
  • Price-160

#4: PEESAFE Aloe Vera Panty Liners for Extra Comfort

PEESAFE Aloe Vera Panty Liners for Extra Comfort

PEESAFE Aloe Vera Panty Liners for Extra Comfort

  • Infused with aloevera
  • Has microbial effect
  • Made in curved shape
  • 100% cotton
  • Maintain all day freshness
4.0 out of 5 Amazon review
  • 100 Nos
  • Price240

#5: EverEve Ultra Absorbent Disposable Period Panties

EverEve Ultra Absorbent Disposable Period Panties for Sanitary Protection

EverEve Ultra Absorbent Disposable Period Panties

  • Extra absorption
  • Long lasting
  • Soft on skin
  • Comfortable
4.6 out of 5 Amazon review
  • 50 Nos
  • Price-700

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Difference between a Panty liner and a Pad (sanitary pad)

difference between a panty liner and a pad


When it comes to secret hygiene products such as panty liners or sanitary pads, women often get confused to find the difference between them.  Although they have basic knowledge about these hygiene products that are used during the period.

But what is the right time to use these two products, they might not know, know here

Pant liners and pads are both hygiene products that are used by women to absorb vaginal discharge or menstrual flow so that their clothes do not get wet or blooded.


vaginal discharged on panty liners


But both are used to absorb it in different cycles of menstrual flow, at the beginning and end of menstruation when the flow of menstruation is light then Panty liner is used because it comes in thinner and smaller size.

While the pad is worn when the menstrual flow is heavy because the pad is thicker and larger in size, its absorption capacity is also greater than that of panty liner.

Panty liner VS Pad

  • Absorb light vaginal discharge
  • Absorb urine leakage
  • Quite thin
  • Quite comfortable
  • Absorb menstrual heavy flow
  • More absorbent
  • Thicker
  • Not much comfortable

Best Hair Straightener in India | List of 7 Top Hair Straighteners 2020

women holding hair straightener

Frizzy, curly and bouncy types of hair can ruin your look. It’s very common to have bad hair today. But, thanks to the companies that make hair straightener by which you can style your hair comfortably in your home. Whatever fashion is currently running you may apply it to your hair. Many varieties of hair straightener are available both online and offline in the Indian market, but the hardest thing is to buy a good and durable hair straightener.

I have analyzed thousands of hair straighteners. During this process, I came to know some important information, for example, the most reviewed hair straightener may not be suitable for you. The company makes hair straighteners by looking at the hair of the people. Not all people have the same hair. You can check the Buyer Guide for better understanding.

There are many factors you have to consider when finalizing the best product from specification, durability, price and actual consumer response, etc. Considering all these points, I have compiled a list of best hair straighteners in India for you to consider in 2020.


rough hair


Page Contents

7 Best Hair Straightener in India 

#1: Philips HP8316/00Kerashine Hair Straightener With Keratin Ceramic Coating


Philips HP8316


The ceramic plate is extra wider and infused with keratin. The wider surface allow you straighten more hair in one time. And, the keratin-infused ceramic plate protect your hair to damage because there is smooth gliding.


It has SkillCare enabled featured that means, the device heats in 60 second only. The device glides smoothly all around. Instant heat-up features minimize the exposure of extra heat to the hair.


Philips HP8316/00  has a maximum 210℃ heating temperature that helps you to give a professional look.


The cord length is 1. 8 m that is enough to use the device properly.


An indicator is attached to the device that tells you when to on or off. The device has a swivel technology cord which means it rotates the cord.


The device comes with 2 years of warranty. Either you purchase online or offline.

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#2: Philips BHS673/00 Mid End Straightener (Multicolor)        

Price: 3000-3500

Philips BHS673


The devices come with extra-long ceramic plate infused with keratin.  Recommended for those people who have normal hair. Extra-long plate minimizes your timing of strengthening the hair.


The device is designed for a hurry task so it reaches the required temperatures in 30 seconds only. The company has used two technology with this model that is SplitStop and UniTemp.  They work together to minimize your hair damage due to unnecessary excess heat. This model provides a consistent temperature that is one of the best features of it. 20°C

You can get the same result at 20°C lower temperature what other devices do not provide.


This device can go a maximum of 230°C  but, that can be set as per your hair type in temperature setting. You can see the temperature in the digital display.

Cord Length

The cord length is 1.6 m that is not bad. The plate that is 105mm longer.


The device is equipped with automatic shut-off features. It will automatically shut down after 30 minutes if no use. The tip of the device is made from heatproof material that doesn’t let your hand burn.


2 years of Warranty either you purchase it online or offline.

#3: Ikonic PTS Pro Titanium Shine hair Straightener (Black)

Price: 5000-6750

ikonic pro titanium hair staightener


The device comes in a titanium plate that is extra wide especially good for a person with long and thick hair.


The company has used PTC and Ceramic heaters in this model to give instant heat to its consumers. The device heats up in 10 seconds. The PTC heater creates far-infrared heat that works well on hair.


You can set the temperature anywhere between 130 to 230 degrees. The device has a Multiple temperature setting options.

Cord Length

The cord has a very long length somewhere between 2.7 to 2.9 meters that is really good from point of comfort view.


The device is enabled with auto-shutoff function, it will switch off once you leave it idle. The  9 fit cord comes with a 360-degree tangle-free cord that stops any hindrance or tangle on the way. And, the display indicator tells you power and temperature.


 The company claims 1 year of warranty.


#4: Havells HS4152 Hair Straightener with Titanium Coated Plates (Golden)

Price: 1600-3000

Havells HS4152


The device has a titanium coated plate that ensures no frizzy hair.


You can get the desired temperature within 30 seconds as it comes with instant heating features.


The device has a maximum limit of 255 degrees. You can set any temperature from a given 6 option for getting optimal heat.


Cord length must be longer so that no problem to be faced while styling sitting in front of the mirror. This device cord has 1.8 m long that is good.


For safety, the company gives you a glove. You can’t start it by a just plugin rather you need to on the button provided on the surface. It always happens people leave the device plugin after finishing their work. In that case, it has a feature that will switch off the device after 1hr of no use. All of your hairs are not the same they required different heat levels. Whatever temperature you required you can set looking at Led indicator.


Home service within 24 hr of complaints apart from the 2 years of the warranty.

#5: Ikonic PS Pro Hair Straightener (Black)

Price: 3400-5000

Ikonic PS Pro


This model of Ikonic is my favorite as it comes in the tourmaline ceramics plate. It emits far-infrared heat that eliminates frizz and curly hair.


PTC and dual ceramics heater both together speed up the heat process.


The device comes in an adjustable temperature setting ranging from 150-230 degrees. It gives you more freedom to select the temperature that you can see on display.

Cord Length

9 ft cord with the device makes you feeling of a saloon.


Tangle-free code


1 year from purchase date

#6: Ikonic S3B Hair Straightener

Price: 2600-3750

Ikonic S3B Hair Straightener



The device has ¾  slim plate especially design for people with short and bangs hair. The advance ceramic features of the plate eliminate frizz and leave the hair smooth and shiny without hurting your hair.


The heat that the devices excrete is good or bad. It matters much for hair health. This device is one of the few devices that generate far-infrared heat and reaches the maximum temperature within 30 seconds.


The device can reach 230 degrees that’s the upper limit. You can rearrange the temperature as per your needs.


6.5 fit PVC cord


360 degree Inbuilt swivel cord enables you to rotate device 360 degrees flawlessly.


1 year of warranty

#7: Torlen Professional Adjustable Temperature TOR040 Hair Straighter Flat Ceramic Iron Pink.

Price: 2700-3500


Torlen Professional Adjustable Temperature hair straightener



Tourmaline ceramics plate is used with this device. It is charged with a negative ion that eliminates fizz and curly hair without leaving any negative impact on the hair. Micro poros technique has been used to give extra shining to hair.


The company has used the latest heater to give you faster heat. You don’t need to wait to get the plate heat for working on hair properly. It takes only 30 seconds.


Depending on your hair types you can decrease or increase temperature. The upper limit is 210 degrees while the lower is 80 degrees.

Cord Length

A 3-meter long cord is more than enough you really need.


The scratch-resistant plate is given that guarantee no harm to your plate. The outer part is made of rubber that has full gripping.


No guarantee

We use hair lotion and hazardous chemicals to style our hair, even going to unknowingly salons. To get the best results, the people in the salon play harshly with your hair causing permanent damage to the hair follicles. You look gorgeous when it’s done, but Long-term results are very bad.

just opposite, the best hair straightener not only gives you the desired hair look, but also prevents your hair from getting damaged more and you have complete control of your hair .The results you get from hair straighteners last for a few days.

You don’t need to be a technical expert in hair for using hair straighteners, one can easily use it’s at home. Just pay attention to the user guideline if you using first time.You know it takes hardly 10 minutes to straighten your hair at the home, it means you can groom your hair before 30 minutes of the party.

Buyer Guide

Important points to consider before buying a hair straightener

  1. The most important step is to identify the type of hair you have, people ignore the first step while choosing the product, which has a bad effect on your hair later in case you chose the wrong product.
  2. Companies bring new technology to their products that might not fit on your hair types. The plates are made of ceramics and also made of titanium. Now Companies using tourmaline technology in the plates.
  3. The width of the plates is also different, some plates are normal, some plates are wide, while some plates are much wider.
  4. What is the maximum and minimum temperature setting of the product you are taking?

1. What is your hair type?

There are mainly four types of hair

  • Straight
  • Wavy
  • Curly
  • Kinky


Straight hair is the brightest and most flexible of all hairs type. This hair type is the oiliest hair texture.

Wavy hair is neither curly nor straight, its texture and shine are between the straight and curly hair. Wavy hair becomes frizzy hair in most of the case, it is more likely to be frizzy.

Curly hair is of ‘S’ shape, but in some cases, it is also found in ‘Z’ shape. Curly hair is very dense and coarse, this type of hair is prone to damage. If not taken care of properly, this type of hair gets worsens.

Kinky hair is like a fully twisted coil, which has a high density but is also very delicate. This type of hair is more prone to damage.

Apart from these four hair types, there are other three more types that are categorized on volume(density).

  • Thin
  • Normal
  • Thick

One thing keeps in mind that the density of normal hair is 2200 strands per square inch. Higher than 2200 strands are said to thick hair while lesser than 2200 strands per square inch are said to be thin hair.

Extra thin/ fine/damaged hair–  Instead of straightening your hair, you should think of a way to make it thick and strong. I believe that you should not waste money on hair styling etc.

Thick hair– If your hair is thick, then you should choose that hair straightener, which plate is wider so that you can do hair straitening more at one go and the temperature setting should be not less than  220̊ C.

Curly Hair-. The plate must be between 1 to 2 inch, that is the ideal for curly hair. You need a high-temperature setting enabled strengtheners. The recommended temperature for curly hair is between 200-300̊ C

2. Plate

The plates of strengtheners are not made of the same type of material. Plates materials are the bone of hair strengtheners, it plays an actual role in your hair straightening. Let me give you the details of popular plates available in the market first before jumping to other important points related to hair strengtheners buying guide.

Ceramic Plates/ Titanium Plates/ Tourmaline Plate?

Ceramics plate– Ceramic plate takes a long time to heat up but the distribution of heat is equal all around the plate. It doesn’t create tangle when pulling back from the hairs. Ceramic plates are also smooth.

No doubt ceramic is the most used material on the plate. Ceramic flat iron plates do not get excessive heat, It causes almost no harm to your hair.

Ceramics plates generate negative charge Since your hair contains plenty of water when exposed to the plates, the hair also gets charged and produces positive ions. As a result, it neutralizes the ion of your hair and gives straight, shiny and smooth hair.

The best part of this plate is that any person can use it on all kinds of hair, only need to maintain the temperature.

But there is a problem when using a ceramics plate continuously, its layers start to erode, so you always have to change it.

Titanium plate- titanium is a shiny, durable and lightweight material. The heat flow on this metal is very fast that is the reason titanium made plate get heated right away and stays heated for a long time.

The titanium plate generates a strong and abundant amount of ion. It doesn’t harm your hair’s natural oil and moisture much. As a result, you get a professional hairstyle at your home, shiny, smooth and straight hair.

A hair straightener made of titanium plate is usually very expensive. Because of its durability, you don’t need to often replace like a ceramic plate.

As titanium plate heats up quickly you must take caution using it, leaving it on your hair for a long time will burn your hair.

If you have long+coarse hair  & thick+coarse hair you should choose hair straightener which plate is made of titanium material.

Tourmaline plate–  Researcher keep researching on new things, Tourmaline plate is a result of their hard work. Because of the high demand for best hair straightener companies have adopted new technology.

Tourmaline is made by gemstone, actually, the tourmaline plate is made of gemstone powder and other materials.

Your hair generates positive(+) ion due to heat. Since the tourmaline plate emits extra negative   (-) ion that cancels out (+) ion. As a result, you get frizz-free hair.

Tourmaline plate generates “infrared heat”  that heats your hair from the inside out, and seals moisture in by stimulating negative ions to draw oils found inside hair shafts to the surface. As a result, you get shiny and silky hair

If you want a high-quality hairstyle and can afford a costly product, I must suggest you choose it blindly.

3. Plate size

It is really important to know that plate size also plays a crucial role to give you the best result. Like plate materials and temperature setting features, it also leaves an impact on your hair. So you must know what size is ideal for your hair type?

  • 2 inch wider plate recommended for those people who have thick hair.
  • 1 ½ inch – Curly hair
  • 1 inch    – Damaged hair
  • Mini Plate- Thin and Fine hair

4 Temperature Setting

No one wants to burn their hair while doing hair straight. Heat plays a major role in your hair styling. Little mistakes can cost your hair damage. So you must see the temperature setting of hair strengtheners. Is the power auto cut facilities attached? Check the temperature range maximum and minimum both.

In general, the person with curly hair need to buy a high-temperature setting enabled straightener that can go to 200-300̊ C.

A person with thick hair should go with a 190-210̊ C temperature setting.

Normally mostly strengtheners come with normal temperature settings between 120-200̊ C, you can opt-out anyone if you have fine or normal or wavy or damaged hair.


Hair Types


Recommended Plate Plate Width Temperature Required
Thick Hair Titanium 2 inch 190  ̊C or above


Thin or Fine Hair (Short) Ceramic Mini plate 150-180  ̊C


Damaged Hair


Tourmaline 1 inch Below 180  ̊C
Curly Hair Tourmaline 1 ½ inch 200-300  ̊C


General Q&A

Is hair straightener bad for hair?

First, understand the structure of hair to understand it better. Hair cuticles are the outer part of the hair shaft that protects your shaft to be damaged. Actually Your hair has mainly two-part. First which you see, I mean the shaft that extends the skin surface, the second part is called hair follicle that is beneath the skin.

The hair shaft is made of three separate layers, cuticles, medulla, and cortex. Excessive heat can damage hair cuticles that result in excessive dryness, frizz, dusty, etc. But, if you put excessive heat on your hair for a long time to achieve your goal that can cause your permanent hair loss as it damages your hair follicle.

Can I iron my hair every day?

No, excess everything is bad it applies to your hair too. Moisture content is as essential to your skin as it is to your hair. After all hair straighteners use your hair moisture to gives you desired hair look more or less. So it is always recommended to use a hair straightener that produces steam.

How often should you replace a flat iron?

Use as long as its plate is smooth. If your hair starts sticking on it, it means its smoothness will be over. Stickiness is caused by the accumulation of cells of your burnt hair.

What is the side effects of straightening hair?

Breakage, split ends, itchy scalp, slower hair growth, and permanent hair loss are the possible side effects of using a hair straightener. Always use it wisely. Make sure to apply heat protectant on your hair before doing the process of hair straightening. You should buy a hair straightener that has heat Protectant features.

Does heat kill hair follicles?

Not in general case, follicles are the inner part of a hair. Those with wavy or thin or short hair should avoid using it more often. Always keep hair straightener at the distance of 2-4 inches from the scalp. Otherwise, it might kill your hair follicles that result in permanent hair loss.