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The market is loaded with beard trimmers and every manufacturer claims its trimmer to be the best trimmer of all. There is nothing wrong in promoting their product, but they are confusing to trimmer lovers when it comes to buying one of the best male trimmers in India. On this article you will find a list of the best beard trimmers available in India with full details, one of which you should try in 2021. Keep reading……

The trimmer is one of the thousands of gadgets that saves our time and gets our work done faster. It is an automatic hand-held grooming product used to trim men’s beard and mustache without touching the skin of the face.

A person with an asymmetrical enlarged beard looks unwell. He has to trim or shave his facial hair  to look stunning and clean. The beard and mustache grow daily, so you need to groom it every day or every alternate day. You must have the best quality trimmer to avoid a long queue of barbers and save a lot of time and trim your facial hair comfortably at home.

Today’s youth like to trim beards more than clean shaving. In recent days, the craze of a trimmed beard has increased. The advantage of trimming your hair is that you groom your facial hair and do not damage your facial skin. For a person with sensitive skin whose skin is easily irritated with razor, the best option of razor is trimmer.

Finding the best trimmer is not as difficult as many bloggers make it out to be. You will have to take some basic point into consideration before buying it (read buyer guide).
To simplify your daunting task, I have put together a list of best beard trimmers for male which will work in 2021.

Lets straight drive into top 7 best trimmer for men in India. The list of best trimmer has been prepared after an extensive research, study and review.

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Top 7 best trimmer for men in India
Buyer guide
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What are the side effects of clean shaving?
Can we wash trimmer with water?
Can trimmer give clean shave?
Can trimmer cut skin?

long bearded man with trimmer

Look at the list of Top 7 best trimmer for men in India (2020)

#1. Ustraa Chrome Beard Trimmer
#2. Philips Beard Trimmer Model-QT4011/15
#3. Xmate Quik Cordless Trimmer
#4. Mi Trimmer
#5. Lifelong Cordless Beard Trimmer Model-LLPCM05
#6. Philips Beard trimmer Model- BT1212/15
#7. Philips Trimmer Model-QT4001

1Ustraa Chrome Beard Trimmer

ustraa beard trimmer
Trimming length Minimum O mm
Battery Back-up 90-120 minutes
Battery Recharge Time 60 minutes
Battery Type Li-ion Battery
Cordless Yes
Others Features LED Panel for Battery and Oil indicator, T blade design
Price 1999-2499 INR

Ustraa Chrome beard trimmer is manufactured by Ustraa company, Ustraa is known for manufacturing men grooming products. This model of trimmer has all the features that make it number one here among all the top models.

You can use it 2hr just doing 1hr of charge. The LED display tells you how much battery is left. The titanium blade ensures smooth trim. T shape blade saves your timing as it covers more surface. Low noise motor doesn’t let other people know actually you are trimming. Above all you can set your beard trimmer setting as low as you can, it can go up to 0 mm.

I found Ustraa Trimmer is one of the best trimmers for men in India. Cost is very friendly, in fact, the branded trimmer will cost you a minimum of 3000 INR for the same features.

2 Philips Beard Trimmer Model-QT4011/15 (Pro skin advance)

philips black color trimmer
Trimming length 0.5
Battery Back-up 90 minutes
Battery Recharge Time 60 minutes
Battery Type Ni-MH Battery
Cordless Yes
Others Features Titanium blade, stubble comb, travel pouch, cleaning brush
Price 1600-2346 INR

Philips is a renowned electronic brand. You may choose its product blindly as its products are long-lasting and worth the money. Philips has brought a lot of ranges of trimmers in India, considering Indian people. Pro Skin Advanced Trimmer is the most popular beard trimmer of Philips.

Use it 1.5 hr continuously after a quick charge of only 1 hr. Through the wheel on the upper part of the trimmer, you may easily set 0.5 mm to 10 mm. The titanium blade helps to keep its sharpen autonomously. Blade tips are rounded that protect your skin from irritation. Do you prefer to wash it after use? Simply detach the blade. Do you travel always? Pro Skin Advanced beard trimmer comes in travel pouch.

In my review and research Pro Skin Advanced is the best trimmer in Philips.

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3 Xmate Quik Cordless Trimmer

Trimming length 0.6 mm
Battery Back-up 120 minutes
Battery Recharge Time 120 minutes
Battery Type Li-ion Battery
Cordless Yes
Others Features USB charging, detachable SS blade
Price 999-1499 INR

If you are looking for an Indian brand, Go with Xmate Quik Cordless Trimmer. You get all the features for the same price what big brand charging you double or triple.

2 hr run time and the same is the charge time. Do charge with Micro USB charging. The company provides you 20 length setting from 1mm to 20mm with a comb. Without comb, you can trim close to 0.6 mm. Upper section I mean blade can be easily disassembled to clean.

4Mi Trimmer

mi waterproof cordless beard trimmer
Trimming length 0.5mm
Battery Back-up 90 minutes
Battery Recharge Time 2hr
Battery Type
Cordless Yes
Others Features 40 length setting, stainless steel blade, travel lock, two comb( 0.5-10m, 10.5-20m), LED Battery indicator
Price 1399-1499 INR



Have you ever experienced Xiaomi or MI products? If yes then I didn’t make mistake listing MI trimmer in the best section. If no, try it once just for an experiment. You will not feel cheated.

Mi Trimmer gets fully charged in only 2 hrs and can be used 1.5 hrs without interruption. Versatile usages, use corded or cordless. It comes in 40 length setting with 0.5 mm precision. An LED battery indicator is attached with the trimmer to protect it from overheating and to tell when plugin.

5Lifelong Cordless Beard Trimmer Model-LLPCM05

lifelong black cordless trimmer
Trimming length 0.5 mm
Battery Back-up 60 minutes
Battery Recharge Time 120 minutes
Battery Type Li-on Battery
Others Features Removable SS blade
Price 799-1500 INR



Lifelong LLPCM07 Cordless Beard Trimmer is also an Indian brand. Lifelong is a Gurgaon based Indian company that introduced various models of beard trimmer in India. But LLPCM07 became very popular so I listed here in the best 7 categories.

LLPCM07 trimmer has also a quick charge facility. Use it 1 hr without any hurdle and put it on charge for only 2 hrs. Enjoy silent motor with corded or cordless features.

6Philips BT1215/15 USB Cordless Beard Trimmer (Black)

philips bt1212
Trimming length 0 mm
Battery Back-up 30 minutes
Battery Recharge Time 8 hrs
Battery Type Ni-MH
Cordless Yes
Others Features S S blade, USB charging,
Price 900-945 INR


Philips beard trimmer BT1212/15 is for someone who is brand savvy but can not afford it. Usually, branded products are costly but this model of Philips is available at a very lower price.

7Philips Trimmer Model-QT4001

philips brand trimmer


Trimming length 1mm
Battery Back-up 45 minutes
Battery Recharge Time 10 hrs
Battery Type Ni-MH Battery
Cordless Yes
Others Features Stainless steel blade, stubble comb, cleaning brush
Price 1100-1475 INR


Philips beard trimmer QT4001 is cordless with a run time of 45 minutes. If you are a loyal customer to Philips, but the hand is tight this model of Philips trimmer is another good option for you without a second thought. You can easily set the length between 1-10 mm with 1mm of precision that is the default. The upper part is removable helps you maintain hygiene. All Philips trimmers in India come with a minimum of 1 year of warranty. The company offers you 2 years of warranty worldwide with this model.

Buyer guide

  • Charging time

What does the maximum time a beard trimmer takes to get fully charged?The trimmer takes minimum time to get fully charged is best. Always take special care at the charging time of trimmer when deciding to finalize it. Nowadays there are fast charging trimmers available in the market, which fully charge the battery in 1 hour. Most of the cases, people remember to charge the trimmer battery when needed to use it.

See as I said above trimmers come with cordless and corded. If you choose a corded trimmer, you really don’t need to worry about the battery charging. Just plug-in and trim any time.

It is best for you to choose the trimmer that has both corded and cordless features.

  • Run Time

It is another important feature of any trimmer to be best. You should not compromise with the run time of trimmer. How long does the trimmer run smoothly without harming your skin of the face after fully charged is the run time. Generally, It takes 30 minutes to trim your beard and mustache properly. Trimmer with 45-60 minutes run time is the best option for you. Those need not worry about the run time of trimmer who like a corded trimmer.

  • Corded VS Cordless trimmer

The corded trimmer has few limitations like you need the power to use it all the time. Generally, a corded trimmer is heavy in weight and big in size. The motor is also very noise, your neighbor can easily guess what you doing. Because of the cord, it is really not much comfortable than of cordless trimmer. In fact, the cord bothers you lots while using it.

You might have heard that everything has its specializes. Same as with a corded trimmer, despite way behind than of cordless trimmer, corded trimmer user don’t have to wait a long time to use it, you can use it any time.

A corded trimmer is slim, easy to grip. You may trim while bathing I mean waterproof and electric proof. In case trimmer battery exhausted you need to get it charged. Depend on the quality of the cordless trimmer, you have to wait for using it again. That is sometimes very annoying.

My experience tells, don’t limit yourself . Get trimmer with both facilities altogether.

  • Blade of Trimmer

Usually, trimmer consists of two blades or more. One blade is constant, while the second one is a sliding blade. It is the blade that trims you face hair. Titanium coated blade made of stainless steel is the finest best. Because it is durable and sharpen one. Nowadays, some companies using self sharping technology in the blade, That simply extends the life of the blade. Every time you use this blade, this blade will be automatically self sharpen. The popular one is the SS blade. Normally it is good for all types of trimming.

Coming to the shape of the blade of a trimmer, T-shape is best, as it is wider, you can trim hair more at one. Pay attention to the tips of a blade that is best if rounded, as it protects your skin being harmed.

  • Lock-in length Setting

Just look at the following chart first, this will give you a glimpse of your facial hair length to leave for a certain period of time.

  • 0.5 mm beard or mustache grow if you leave for 1-2 days
  • 3mm beard or mustache if you leave for 3-6 days.
  • 4mm – 8-12 days.
  • Short beard (5mm) – 12-14 days.
  • Medium beard (10mm) – 2-4 weeks.
  • Long beard ( 20+mm) – 2+ months.

Depend on the length of the beard and mustache you want to keep, you should consider the precision or length setting of trimmer. Suppose you want the 3 mm length of facial hair, I mean beard and mustache. You need to set the precision of 4mm.

An ideal trimmer is the one that can trim your 0.5 mm beard length. The default locking setting should be in various lengths so that you don’t need an extra comb to trim your long facial hair.

  • Wet or Dry beard Trimmer

To be best, trimmer has many features. I am not talking here washing the detachable part that has a blade. A wet trimmer is one that allows you to trim your beard or mustache while bathing.

  • Dual Voltage

It is good the trimmer can be charged between 100-240 voltage.

Best trimmer in India Under 1000

Kubra KB-1001
Running Time 1hr cordless use
Charging Time 90 minutes
Cordless or Corded Cordless
Number of length setting 40
Usb Charging Yes (fast charging)
Blades SS blade
Display Battery Charging Indicator
Price starting 899 INR

Lifelong LLPCM11

Running Time 4 hrs
Charging Time 2 hrs
Cordless or Corded both
Size of steps 0.5mm
Number of length setting 20
Range of length setting 0.5-10 mm
Display Battery Charging Indicator
Price As low as 1000 INR


Groomiist Trimmer CS-86

Running Time 60 minutes
Charging Time 120 minutes
Cordless or Corded Cordless use
Size of steps By 1mm
Number of length setting 20
Washable Yes
Display Battery Charging Indicator, On/Off
Price 1000-1800

Final Thought:-

Men trimmers are available in different variants, but the basic function of all trimmers remains largely unchanged which is to trim the beard and mustache. An expensive trimmer comes with attractive features that facilitate the consumer’s way of the trimmer. My personal advice is not to get too expensive trimmer nor too cheap trimmer. Above shortlisted best trimmer for men in India is best for you to choose from.