Gluometer is an essential health device to keep at home. Most of us have high or low blood sugar which is detected only after testing the blood in the laboratory. In my view, we can prevent many fatal diseases through best glucometer. High blood sugar causes fatal diseases, so hyperglycemia (high blood sugar) is called silent killer in medical  A glucometer helps you to detect the sugar level in your blood at the comfort of your home. Given its importance, I have prepared for you a list of the best glucometer in India.

Let me tell you one fact, our team has spent 15 days researching the best glucometer in India. First we selected 50 models which are used in India and other countries. Of these 50 models from different brands, we narrowed our choice to the top 5 blood sugar testing machines. To finalize the list of the 5 best glucometers available in India, we have considered all aspects such as accuracy, flexibility specification, durability and price etc.

Let’s dive straight into the main point.

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best glucometer in india

List of 5 best glucometer in India

#1: Accu Chek  Active Glucometer
#2: Dr Trust (USA) Fully Automatic Blood Sugar Testing Machine
#3: Contour Plus One Blood Glucose Monitoring System Glucometer
#4: Apollo Sugar Smart Glucometer With 200 Gold Plated Strips
#5: Dr. Morepen BG03 Glucometer with 50 Strips Glucometer


#1: Accu Chek Active Glucometer

Accu Chek blood glucose meter


I have placed Accu-Chek® Active at the top of my list. Accu-Chek is one of the few companies dedicated solely to manufacturing diabetes care products. You can expect a quality product from this company.

Accu-Chek® Active is Accu-Chek’s most popular and demanding glucose meter. It is packed with many powerful features.

You can view previous results of your blood test up to 90 days by just clicking a button. You can do all the work using just two buttons. It has a large display that enables you to read clearly without interruption. For some reason, if a blood sample is taken less than necessary, it alerts and gives you the option of re-dosing within 10 seconds. If the battery runs out, you should not worry about the stored result, changing the battery also does not affect the date and time. Easily transferable data from the meter on your laptop via USB.


Accu Chek Active Glucometer

The Good The Bad
View Last 90 days reading Strip is costly
No Coding
Two-button easy handling
USB interface for data transfer




Dr trust automatic blood sugar machine

#2: Dr Trust (USA) Fully Automatic Blood Sugar Testing Machine


Dr. Trust (USA) is a major name in the production of high-grade glucose meters. Dr. Trust (USA) blood sugar testing machine is a fully automated and advanced model of glucometer available in India. With this you can take blood sample from different places of your body. The GDH-FAD strip is used with this model, GDH-FAD means glucose-dehydrogenase-flavin-adenine-dinucleotide. Biosensor technology has been used with strips. It prevents interference in blood oxygen variations.

Dr Trust (USA) Glucomete indicates an increase of ketone in your blood and also indicates a deficiency of ketone in your blood.
If you know the risk level of ketones in your blood, diabetic ketoacidosis can be avoided.

There are 3 modes that allow you to easily take blood measurements at various stages. Like AC mode allows you to take blood measurements on an empty stomach. You can take blood sugar measurement after a meal through PC mode. In normal mode, measure blood sugar at any time.

You do not need to remove the test strip manually after its use, but use the eject button and reduce the risk of fingering.

If your result is satisfactory, it gives you quick results within 5 seconds with smiley face.

Dr Trust (USA) Glucometer has a large display that comes with backlit features so that you can read the results in the dark night.


Dr Trust (USA) Fully Automatic Glucometer

The Good The Bad
Alternative site testing Strip is costly
No Coding
Large LCD Display
Instant result

best glucometer in india Contour Plus

#3: Contour Plus One Blood Glucose Monitoring System Glucometer


The Contour Plus Meter ranks third on my top list of best glucometers in India.  You can manage your diabetes smartly by connecting CONTOUR®PLUS one meter with mobile and desktop apps via Bluetooth. The CONTOUR®PLUS glucometer alarms you to reapply the blood sample again, when the first blood sample is not sufficient for reading.You can share your blood sugar results with your family doctor in person or before your checkup.  The Contour Plus Meter stores up to 800 results and displays as per your requirement. It provides instant results.


Contour Plus One Blood Glucose Monitoring System Glucometer

The Good The Bad
Second chance sampling No alternate site testing
Seamlessly connect via Bluetooth technology
Smart light feature
No coding


Rone of the best glucometer in india made by appolo

#4: Apollo Sugar Smart Glucometer With 200 Gold Plated Strips


Apollo Sugar Smart Glucometer is a bit expensive. But the test strips provided are GDH-FAD. Technically the Apollo Sugar Smart Glucometer is like a smartphone. You don’t need an internet connection, wifi or port to connect your Android app with it. You can do a wide range of blood tests anywhere between 10-900 Mg / Dl easily.

It stores unlimited blood sugar test records. It is smooth and thin, adjustable in a pocket.
Apart from the exact result of this glucometer, you will get many other important things for free, such as diabetes support services for a period of 6 months, one-time video consultation with diabetes specialist  for insulin and medicine.

You also get a pouch to keep it inside safely, there is also a lancing device to hold the lancet properly.


Apollo Sugar Smart Glucometer

The Good The Bad
Unlimited Store Costly
Gold Strips
Wide test range
Pocket friendly


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most reviewd glucometer in India dr morepen

#5: Dr. Morepen BG03 Glucometer with 50 Strips Glucometer


Dr. The Morpen Glucometer is relatively inexpensive compared to the other four that I have placed on the top list.
It is best for a single user because it stores up to 300 previous tests. Dr.Morepen BG03 Glucometer gives you instant results like other branded blood sugar testing machine. It comes with 50 test strips and 10 lancets. The biggest advantage you get by taking this glucometer is that you enjoy a lifetime Dr.Morepen warranty which in my view is huge.


Dr. Morepen BG03 Glucometer with 50 Strips Glucometer

The Good The Bad
Life time morepen warranty Single user only
Instant result
Budget friendly
USB interface for data transfer



What is glucometer?

Glucose meter is popularly known as glucometer. It is an electronic healthcare device used to find out the approximate value of glucose concentration in the blood.

How does a glucometer work?

A patient has to prick the finger skin to get blood. There is a strip inside the meter where you have to apply a blood sample. The test-strip is coated with chemicals, the blood sugar reacts with the chemicals in the strip. At the same time an electric current passes through that determines the level of glucose in the blood within nanoseconds

Types of Glucometer.

There are mainly three types of glucometer

  1. SMBG
  2. CGMs
  3. Noninvasive Glucometers


  1. Self-Monitoring of Blood Glucose (SMBG)

The most commonly used and readily available glucometer is the self-monitoring glucometer. It determines the blood glucose concentration in the test strip. The blood sample for evaluation is obtained by finger prick. However, many advanced models of self-monitoring glucometers now allow you to test at other spots to give your fingers a break.

  1.  Continuous Glucose Monitors (CGMs)

As the name itself suggests, this glucose monitor is designed to store and present continuous readings. A continuous glucose monitor reads every few minutes throughout the day and night. Actually CGM provides a big picture of your blood sugar. Be sure to implant monitor sensors under the abdominal skin and need to be properly calibrated. Not all diabetic patients require such extensive testing, so CGM is not appropriate for everyone

  1. Noninvasive Glucose Meters

It is not available globally. Many works are still in the process of giving final touch to Noninvasive Glucose Meters. It does not require physical blood samples to evaluate blood sugar. Noninvasive Glucose Meters works on radio waves. A low-power radio wave is actually passed through the body to determine glucose in the blood.

What does a glucose meter cost?

Glucometer is not a relatively expensive electronic healthcare device. The price range of glucometer in the Indian market is between 300 to 2500 INR. Usually, the normal model costs you 350 INR whereas the advanced model costs you around 2500 INR.

How do test strips work?

When the specimen is applied to a blood test strip, it is absorbed because the test strip contains a chemical coating as well as an absorbent agent, the blood glucose reacting with the chemical in the strip. The glucometer consists of an electronic circuit that helps detect and read the reaction. Also the meter converts blood sugar readings into numerical values..

How much do test strips cost?

All test strips work the same way but not all test strips are priced the same. Some company may charge you 25 INR per strip, while other company may charge you 120 INR.

Takeaway – Choose glucometers whose strips are not expensive.

Can I reuse test strips?

Obviously not, test strips should be used once because test strips are intended for single use only.  If you reuse the test strip, it means that you are compromising the result. Some models give an error message the moment you insert the used test strips used into the meter, but this is not always the case. It is better not to reuse it. The chemical in the strip gives you blood sugar results, but after a single use, this chemical deteriorates, giving you no accurate results.

Do test strips expire?

Simply Yes, because the test strip is chemically coated. You can check the wrapper for expiration and mfg date.

How often do I need to Blood glucose test?

Depends on the nature and complexity of your diabetes. Ask the doctor who is treating your diabetes problem. He is the best person to advise you.

Can I take blood samples anywhere besides my finger?

This is the most commonly asked question related to glucometer. It depends on the model of glucometer which part of your body will be used to take a blood sample. In general, the best place to take a blood sample is fingertip. You can use other places in your body to obtain a blood sample through some advanced models of glucometers such as the palm or hand. But you can use other locations of the body  to get a blood sample when that model supports those locations. Keep in mind, fingertip blood sampling is more accurate.

How much blood is required blood testing?

One droplet is sufficient for the glucose meter to determine the level of glucose in the blood. 1.0 µL of blood is sufficient for any type of glucometer.  To provide accurate results, the only condition is that the glucometer is of the best quality.

What is high blood sugar

High blood sugar is also called hyperglycemia in medical terms when there is little insulin in the body or the body cannot use insulin properly, hyperglycemia occurs. Increased thirst, blurred vision, etc. are symptoms of high blood sugar.