Do you have high blood pressure or low blood pressure? Or if someone in your family suffers from it, a blood pressure monitor is a must-have device for your home in that case. But it is really harder to choose the best blood pressure monitors in India especially. 

It is absolutely true that you get satisfied with the blood pressure measurement done in the hospital. But it is also a fact that your BP is measured only for the time during the hospital visit. To avoid complications, you should have regular check-ups that are possible only through a blood pressure monitor at home, which can be done twice or thrice a day or even more.

You can expect an accurate and precise result but the only condition is that you have to choose a high-quality blood pressure device. I have compiled a list of the best blood pressure monitors in India, based on that I have researched thousands of products closely.


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man meausring blood pressure with best blood plessure monitors availble in india

5 Best  Blood Pressure Monitors  in India

#1: 7 Series® Wireless Upper Arm Blood Pressure Monitor
#2: 10 Series® Wireless Upper Arm Blood Pressure Monitor
#3: Annsky Digital Upper Arm Automatic  Blood Pressure Monitor
#4: Etekcity Blood Pressure Monitor 
#5: ATMOKO Automatic Digital BP Machine

#1: 7 Series® Wireless Upper Arm Blood Pressure Monitor

Omron is a Japanese well-known company known for manufacturing world-class digital blood pressure automatic devices. The OMRON blood pressure monitor provides accurate and efficient results, which is why doctors recommend it for blood pressure monitoring.

I ranked the BP7350 Blood Pressure monitor first because its manufacturer is OMRON and the 7th series of OMRON.


Blood pressure is measured by applying it to the upper arm. You should not worry about wire tangle as it comes in wireless. 

Dual LCD Display.

The company used a dual LCD display to compare current readings with previous readings. Comparative results indicate health progress.

Advance accuracy Technology  

 The company has used the latest advanced accuracy technology with this BP device. It does not affect BP reading while breathing, also measuring five times more data with accuracy.

Irregular heartbeat alert

It warns of irregular heartbeat during BP measurement.

2 User Mode

You can easily store 60 readings per user with a dual user mode storage facility.

Easy-Wrap ComFit Cuff

It has an easy-wrap compact cuff that inflates c 360 degrees. The cuff is suitable for all types of people who have an arm between 9-17 inches.

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#2: 10 Series® Wireless Upper Arm Blood Pressure Monitor

The second spot goes to the OMRON BP7450 blood pressure automatic monitor designed specifically for home use. BP7450 is ten series of OMRON..

Dual LCD Display

It has a dual LCD display that displays previous readings as well as current readings to note fluctuations. Double exposure gives you a quick idea of ​​health changes.

You can store up to 200 readings, each person can store 100 readings.

Advance accuracy Technology  

Advanced accuracy technology enables this model to more accurately measure BP readings while breathing.

Irregular heartbeat alert

The indicator alerts you to your irregular heartbeat at the time of BP measurement.

TruRead Technology

This model has TruRead Technology so that you can measure three consecutive blood pressure at intervals of 15 seconds or 30 seconds and 30 seconds. The backlit LCD display feature enables you to see readings without much strain on your eyes.

Easy-Wrap ComFit Cuff

Easy to wrap comfort cuffs are easy to put on your arm, any person with a standard hand can easily use it, Whose arms are between 9-14 inches in circumference

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#3: Annsky Digital Upper Arm Automatic  Blood Pressure Monitor

Annsky is well known for manufacturing portable digital BP monitors. Annsky blood pressure machine is designed for domestic use by two people independently. It is available at a reasonable price with all the impressive features.

Large display

The LCD display is given big so that you can read the number easily

Advance accuracy technology

Like OMRON, the manufacturer has also used the latest advance accuracy technology with this model. It captures slight changes in blood pressure and displays through the LCD.

Two user Mode

It is designed for two user groups. Each can store up to 99 measurements separately. The person can easily track reading records for specific periods.

Easy to Use

You get both blood pressure systolic and diastolic very easily, wrap the cuff around your upper arm well, the rest will be done automatically by this automatic machine with just one press of a small switch.

Comfortable cuff

It is fitted with a comfortable cuff that can fit a standard arm between 22-32 cm.

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#4: Etekcity Blood Pressure Monitor for home use

LED Display & Voice Broadcast

The Etekcity blood pressure monitor provides audible results with on-screen results, which is handy for someone who is not as capable of seeing with the eye.

USB Charging

The USB charging port features enable you to charge LI-on batteries via laptops and desktops etc.

Convenient Functions

Two sensitive indicators are associated with this model, one indicator for an irregular heartbeat while the other is for WHO.

Universal Size

Standard wide cuff size fits all hand sizes easily (22-42cm)

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#5: ATMOKO Automatic Digital BP Machine

ATMOKO AMHP101AW Blood Pressure Monitor Upper Arm is developed by the famous ATMOKO company. It is approved by the FDA and CE.


The AMHP101AW takes 3 consecutive readings and provides an average result that is more authentic.

Irregular heartbeat alert

It contains an indicator that alerts your irregular pressure and heartbeat. This gives you an opportunity to avoid serious illness.


It has a large LCD screen which gives you clear readings. Since it is designed for home use, two users can save their 90 reading individually.


The cuff fits easily on any arm with a circumference of 22 to 42 cm without excessive pressure.

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Described above is a list of the 5 best blood pressure monitors in India that you can consider for yourself if you are looking for a quality product that gives you an accurate reading.

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General FAQ

Buyer Guide

It is true that you cannot operate a manual blood pressure machine at home. You must have the essential technique to use it. The best way is to invest in an automatic blood monitor machine. When you are choosing a BP machine for home use, you need to consider the model, brand, durability, features, and prices, etc. I am sharing with you some tips that will help you choose the best blood pressure monitor.

Upper arm cuff

We should only use a BP machine with an upper arm cuff, it provides accurate readings. In an unfavorable situation, you should use the wrist cuff for BP measurement. Its measurement is not correct, so doctors do not consider its results to be valid.

The ideal cuff bladder length is ≥ 80 percent of the patient’s arm circumference. The ideal cuff bladder width is ≥ 40 percent of the patient’s arm circumference. Improper cuff size is the main reason for inaccurate BP readings. American Heart Association Guidelines for In-Clinic Blood Pressure Measurement.

Arm Circumference 
cm inches Recommended Cuff Size (width x length in cm)
22-26 8.7-10.2 12 x 22 (small adult)*
27-34 10.6-13.4 16 x 30 (adult)*
35-44 13.8-17.3 16 x 36 (large adult)*
45-52 17.7-20.5 16 x 42 (extra-large-adult)*

Heartbeat display

Heart rate is the number of heartbeats per minute, some machines also display heartbeats with BP readings. They are a good machine that has this facility.

Irregular Heartbeat Alert Indicator

Indicators of irregular heartbeat
The indicator alarms your irregular heartbeat during BP measurement. You only need to choose the BP machine which is enabled by this one feature. In fact, it gives you an idea of ​​what measures should be taken for a better heart and overall health.

Battery or Power adaptor

Today’s machines run with both power adapters and batteries, so buy a machine that has both of these features.


What is blood pressure?

When your heartbeat it circulates blood throughout the body through blood vessels. The blood creates pressure on the wall of those blood vessel when blood move, the pressure is your blood pressure.

How blood pressure is measured?

The blood pressure reading is measured in two numbers.

The first number (or top) that measure of pressure when your heart’s blood pushes out, is systolic pressure.

The diastolic pressure, or the bottom number, is the pressure in the arteries when the heart rests between beats.

Normal systolic pressure should be less than 120 mmHg for a healthy adult, while normal diastolic pressure should be less than 80 mmHg.

A professional always writes 120/80 mmHg.

The person who measures your blood pressure normally wraps your forearms with an inflatable cuff. They use a stethoscope to listen to the voice of blood circulating in the artery. There is also a hand pump and a pressure meter fitted with cuff.

When the cuff is inflated above systolic pressure, blood flow stops and no sound is heard from the stethoscope. When the air of the cuff is slowly drawn out, the point at which the sound is first heard is the systolic pressure, and the point where noise completely goes away is diastolic blood pressure.

What are the different types of Blood pressure monitors?

There are mainly two types of BP monitor devices Aneroid and Digital are used worldwide. Some Digital model measures BP on the finger or wrist, but they are not as accurate as those digital model measures BP on the forearm.

We must consider only those digital devices that measure BP on forearms.

Doctors use Aneroid monitors more often as its result are accurate.

The aneroid monitor is attached with a cuff that is inflated by a hand-pump and also has a pressure meter and a pressure meter that reflects blood pressure. The stethoscope is used to hear the sound of blood circulation in the artery. You cannot use an Aneroid monitor to measure BP yourself. Only people with prior knowledge of the stethoscope can use it to use the stethoscope. The person who is measuring your BP should not have impaired hearing, should not have arthritis.

The digital blood pressure monitor uses an air pump to stop the flow of blood to the local main artery. Then the pressure is released gradually using digitally-controlled solenoid valves until blood begins to flow through the artery. The pressure sensor of the device measures the systolic pressure at this point. The measurement is taken when the blood flow is no longer restricted determines the diastolic pressure. The micro-controller is attached inside the device to measure the complete cycle.